'Big Brother 22' Winner Crowned During Live Finale

Big Brother 22, the show's second All-Stars season, has come to an end, and a winner has been crowned. The three finalists were Cody Calafiore (runner-up, Season 16), Nicole Franzel (seventh place, Season 16, winner Season 18) and Vincenzo "Enzo" Palumbo (third place, Season 12). While Cody played a dominant game, Enzo had played well socially, and Nicole floated before upping her gameplay towards the season's end. These strategies put the clear winner up in the air going into finale night. Spoilers ahead about the winner of Big Brother 22.

In the end, Cody and Enzo end up in the final two. After a unanimous vote, Cody walked away as the winner of Big Brother 22. He won a whopping $500,000, while Enzo walked away with $50,000. Additionally, Da'Vonne Rogers, who finished in 10th place, talked away with the $25,000 America's Favorite Houseguest prize.

Finale night, which Julie Chen hosted, started with CBS showing the second round of the final Head of Household competition. Cody and Enzo faced off in an odd challenge. They had to sync up swinging pig faces (called "camera hogs) and take photos alongside images of evicted houseguests from earlier in the season. Cody blew Enzo out of the water in the competition, finishing in under 5 minutes, while Enzo took more than 30 minutes to complete it.

This outcome meant Nicole and Cody faced off in the live third round, with Cody winning. The 29-year-old, who had final-two deals with both competitors, chose to take Enzo instead of Nicole with them to the final two. Nicole was blindsided by the move and began to cry during her eviction interview with Chen. She then joined the jury, which consisted of Rogers (Seasons 17, 18), Christmas Abbott (19), Robert "Memphis" Garrett (10), Tyler Crispen (20), Daniele "Dani" Briones (8, 13), David Alexander (21), Kevin Campbell (11), and Ian Terry (14).

All episodes of Big Brother 22 are available to stream on CBS All Access. Past seasons, including Celebrity Big Brother and Big Brother: Over the Top seasons, are also available to stream. Stay tuned for more updates on Big Brother, including info about Season 23, which CBS announced on Wednesday.