'Big Brother' 22: Who Will Win?

Big Brother 22 is set to air its special two-hour season finale on Wednesday and crown its newest champion. The All-Star season has been packed with twists-and-turns, and in the end, the trio of Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel and Enzo Palumbo will compete for the $500,000 grand prize.

During Monday's episode, viewers were treated to Part 1 of the final Head of Household competition. The challenge saw Enzo fall off the swinging ropes first, followed by Cody, leaving Nicole as the winner of Part 1 and giving her a fast track to Part 3. That means the two New Jersey boys will be duking it in Part 2 at the beginning of the finale. The winner of that will face Nicole for the final HOH and earn a spot in the final two and get to pick who they want to have sit next to them. Who has the best shot of winning Big Brother?

From presenting the best case, Cody can lay claim to the most competition wins with seven to date, including an impressive four Veto wins. He, along with Enzo, can also claim to be the only people to never be nominated, a testament to the strong social game both players possessed. Enzo, meanwhile, has 3 comp wins, two of which being HOH. Nicole started off slow, winning her first competition in the second to last HOH and following it up with a Veto win as she was able to knock out one of the stronger men, Memphis Garrett, during her week. If the jurors place heavy emphasis on competition wins, Cody clearly takes that department.

As for the jurors and the ones who will be voting on who wins, that group will contain Ian Terry, Da'Vonne Rogers, David Alexander, Tyler Crispen, Danielle Briones, Christmas Abbott and Memphis. When it comes to jury management, past seasons have seen bitter voters. If that were to happen again, Cody could be in trouble due to having some type of alliance or final two deal with nearly all voters. Nicole also ruffled a few feathers, namely Christmas and potentially Ian as part of the blindside. However, Enzo maintained a strong connection with everyone and didn't ever appear to be the one to backstab even though he was in on the vote throughout the season.


One factor that has nothing to do with gameplay, though, regards Nicole and the fact that she has already won the show once before. Jurors may not want to hand her another big paycheck. Nicole also won $10,000 during a previous competition in the season. On a lesser scale, Cody took home $50,000 for his second-place finish. Enzo was not in the final two of his season, taking third that year.

Without knowing who wins the final competition, with Enzo on the outside looking in for Part 3, it's very likely that either Cody or Nicole honors their final two deal that they struck on Day 2 and take the other to the end. Cody and Enzo also have a final two agreement, but between the two deals Cody has, he seems to take his one with Nicole the most serious. For Enzo to get picked if he is not the one who wins, one of Cody or Nicole will have to cross the other at the last step, which could be a beneficial move for Nicole and give her the best shot at winning. That would turn out to be her most significant move of the season and likely be a huge boost to the jury. Enzo seems committed to keeping Cody around and taking him to the end. Big Brother will air its season finale on CBS at 8 p.m. ET on Wednesday.