'Big Brother' Fan-Favorite Nicole Franzel Dumped by 2 Sponsors After Mocking Autistic Co-Star

Nicole Franzel and the other 10 houseguests remaining in the Big Brother compound may be shut off from the outside world but that doesn't mean there aren't real-life implications for the actions that unfold in the always-monitored 24/7 house. Franzel was caught during the live feeds — not aired during the regular CBS broadcasts on Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday — engaging in a conversation about fellow contestant Ian Terry, a former winner and also someone who has shared with his peers that he is on the autism spectrum.

In conversation with Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott and Danielle Briones, the four discussed Ian’s rocking on the hammock, a sight many fans of the show will commonly see with the Season 14 winner. The stimulation motion for some can be a means for some on the spectrum to relieve anxiety or find calmness in a situation that Ian has called a challenge when it comes to life in the Big Brother household.

As for Nicole, she was seen engaging in the conversations and nodding in agreement and even laughing when Memphis joked he would have nightmares about Ian standing over him rocking. With all of this captured, Nicole, who is a former winner herself, lost two sponsorships: Olay Skincare and Chateau Ste.

Both companies put out a statement on Twitter. "We no longer have a business relationship with this person and have no plans for future work together," Olay wrote on social media. "We have zero-tolerance for bullying and we do not support the behavior displayed by this person." Chateau, a winery, said their partnership was built prior to her coming on the All-Star season and it has since been ended due to the bullying seen on camera.


The scene is even more difficult to swallow for Big Brother fans as Nicole and Ian have continually voiced their support for one another, though Nicole has found herself caught up in bigger alliances in the house while Ian has kept a much lower profile. The two formed a duo from the onset, wanting to keep each other's best interest in mind considering they could be easy targets as the only two former winners to return for the 22nd season.

Big Brother will air on Sunday at 8 p.m. ET with a new Head of Household crowned. Wednesday's episode will see the Veto competition while Thursday will once again be the live eviction.