'Big Brother 22': Cameras Catch Da'Vonne's Perfect Reaction to Nicole's Finale Eviction

Da'Vonne Rogers' reaction to Cody Calafiore eliminating Nicole Franzel in Wednesday's finale eviction of Big Brother: All-Stars is making its way around social media. The three-time Big Brother player, who took home $25,000 after being voted America's Favorite Houseguest this season, appears to be less-than-upset when Nicole makes her exit, giving a scorching glance one person said "melted [their] computer."

There's no love lost between Da'Vonne and Nicole after the former winner lied to Da'Vonne about voting out Ian Terry, causing her to falsely accuse David Alexander of flipping the vote. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight following her eviction, Da'Vonne said she had a "major problem" with her fellow houseguest.

"I understand she had to do a game move, but I asked her privately, 'Hey, on a personal level, I as a Black woman do not want to be on this show bashing a Black man for something he didn't even do,' So, I said, 'If you did it…' -- and I even gave her an out. I said, 'Hey, Nicole. If you freaked out at the last minute and decided to flip your vote, that's cool. Let me know that. But don't have me out here publicly bashing this man. Like, help me out in that department,'" she revealed. "And the fact that she couldn't do that, ugh."

"Me and her are gonna have to have a long conversation, 'cause that, I'm really bothered by that," she continued. "But it's still fresh, you know what I'm saying? Who knows what's gonna happen when the game is over. Right now, it's really fresh. And so right now, I have a major problem with her."


Cody clearly made the right choice to evict Nicole, whose record was a bit more intimidating than Enzo Palumbo's when it came to facing the jury as the final two. He then became only the second player to win the $500,000 grand prize by a unanimous jury vote, following Dan Gheesling in Season 10. Nicole was shocked by the decision, however, and spent much of the episode after her eviction in tears.

"I really did not see that coming. I really thought, no matter which way the final HoH went, that Cody was going to take me," Nicole told host Julie Chen as she cried. "Now just thinking about it, it's, like, why would he take a previous winner, I guess? I don't know. But I just thought our bond was so-- so close, and I did not see it coming. ...It's the first thing this season that I haven't seen coming."