'American Pickers' Star and Jason Momoa Teaming up for New Project

One may be digging through people's trash to find treasures and the other may be leading the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, but American Pickers star Mike Wolfe and Aquaman star Jason Momoa are apparently teaming up for a new project. The two stars are reportedly attached to an "Untitled Jason Momoa Project" under Wolfe's Mossy Point Productions, LLC. The project was revealed in Wolfe's Jan. 6 divorce settlement from ex-wife Jodi Catherine Wolfe, who filed for divorce in November 2020 after 10 years of marriage.

Court documents obtained by The Sun revealed that amid the divorce, Wolfe was "awarded the sole and exclusive right to any and all intellectual property owned or created prior to or during the marriage including all creative content, shows, scripts, pitches, ideas, and all other intellectual property or other material created by him and/or MRW Properties, Inc. and/or Mossy Point productions." The court also awards Wolfe with "the exclusive and continued right to use his name, image, likeness and all other names and logos involving" the American Pickers show, River Raiders, "and Untitled Jason Momoa Project, and/or any other show created or contributed by him now or in the future." The documents, from a Tennessee court, did not reveal any further information about the untitled project, so exact details remain unclear at this time.

Confirmation of the project comes two years after Momoa teased that he and Wolfe were looking ahead to "many projects" together. After first meeting back in September 2020, the actor took to Instagram a gallery of images of himself and the History Channel star, captioned, "2 IOWA BOYZ. 2 1936 KNUCKLEHEADS we finally meet." Momoa went on to call it "an honour," adding that Wolfe has "always been an inspiration." He also teased, "look forward to our many projects," Momoa concluding the post by writing, "mahalo for giving me the tanks and the 1936 your a legend."

Wolfe also reflected on the meeting in a post of his own, sharing alongside a gallery of images, "'ve always considered myself to be a passionate person. I'm constantly challenging myself to push harder and dig deeper. I've collected stories and pieces of the past most of my life. And I've come across a lot of interesting people along the way." He added that "today hung with a dude that reminded me why I do what I do," thanking Momoa "for your fierce love of storytelling and unwavering fight to show the world how bad ass we all can be." According to the post, Wolfe and Momoa filmed something together, Wolfe sharing that he couldn't "wait to see what you put together from what we filmed today."


Wolfe is best known as one of the two original leads of History's hit series American Pickers alongside Frank Fritz, who is mot returning to the show. The series initially premiered in January 2010 and has since reached 22 seasons. Momoa, meanwhile, is known for his roles in Game of Thrones as well as Aquaman and many other credits.