'Alaskan Bush People' Siblings Surprise Fans With Unconventional Hygiene Lesson in Preview Clip

A new sneak peek at Alaskan Bush People included a surprising lesson in wilderness hygiene from the Brown family.

Alaskan Bush People is a few weeks into its ninth season back on the air, and fans are getting reacquainted with the lifestyle. A new clip posted to social media on Saturday showed how Bear Brown will help his older brother, Gabe, get cleaned up for a date.

In the preview, Gabe explains that his girlfriend, Raquell Pantilla, is coming up for her first visit on the mountain. He and Pantilla met while the family was living in California for Ami Brown's cancer treatments, and this episode will feature her first visit to their wild getaway.

In preparation, Gabe is relying on his younger brother's unique skill for homemade shampoo. The clip shows the two foraging through the brush for pungent herbs, climbing trees for fresh pine needles and gathering other supplies in a glass vase.

"I learned to make shampoo and conditioner a long time ago," Bear says enthusiastically in the clip, as he stirs ingredients in a pot over an open fire. "So, when I heard that Raquell really liked the smell of the forest — like sawdust — I figured that my shampoo and conditioner should be perfect for Gabe."

"You know, Bear is one of the most extreme of any of us," Gabe remarks in a confessional. "He climbs trees, he starts fires, he rolls in the dirt. But, he's a heck of a stylist."

All the while, the preview shows hints of Gabe lying on a bench with his head hanging over the end, while Bear runs water through his hair and then proceeds to rub his thick concoction into his brother's curls. He even pulls a smock of some kind down so as not to mess up Gabe's clothes, which include a bold flannel with a popped collar.

"Yeah, your hair's filthy," he says. "What is your hair made out of, straw?! It's like washing a dog! No offense."

He even combs out his brother's pointed sideburns before holding up the chrome pot, allowing Gabe to take a look at his handy work.

While both brothers seem happy with the look, there is still no telling how Raquell will react when the episode airs. However, it seems safe to say that she approves, considering that the couple is now married in real life. According to a report by Radar Online last month, Gabe and Raquell acquired a marriage license in January. How they get there will likely play out in the new season of the show.


Alaskan Bush People airs on Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery.