Some 'Alaskan Bush People' Fans Want the Show to Be Canceled

A handful of Alaskan Bush People fans called for the show to be canceled back in February, after concerning allegations against star Bear Brown surfaced. At that time, his girlfriend, Raiven Adams was granted a temporary restraining order against him. Adams, who shared a young son with Brown, reportedly accused the Discovery Channel star of drug abuse and threatening to retaliate if she took the allegations public. No new episodes of the show have aired since January, and Discovery has not announced plans for a 12th season.

In February, Adams was granted a temporary restraining order against Brown, whose real name is Solomon Isaiah Freedom Brown. According to documents obtained by The Blast, Adams accused him of "erratic behavior" when they were dating. Adams was told if she did not do what Brown wanted, he would have "Discovery bury me [with] lawsuits if I spoke about his behavior." She accused him of using cocaine and "threatened to kick me out" or "withhold food" and money whenever she raised her concerns. "He would punish me by verbally abusing me or threatening to kick me out," she wrote. She also accused him of telling her, "gun laws don't apply to him."

Following the news, fans took to social media to suggest the show should be canceled due to the controversy. "I mean you can tell the whole family is a little off and their whole fake i'am living in the wilderness s– is ridiculous. This show should be canceled if it isnt (sic) already," one person wrote on Facebook. "I see Bear Brown from Alaskan Bush People has a protective order against him for being abusive to his pregnant ex. Allegedly doing drugs a lot The family r trouble and should not be on TV nasty," another person tweeted on Feb. 13.

Brown and Adams first met at Noah Brown's 2018 wedding and became engaged in August 2019. Two days later, they revealed Adams was pregnant but were ending their engagement. They began dating again in October 2019. Their baby boy River was born in March, six weeks prematurely. Around that time, Brown said he could not visit Adams at the hospital due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


The most recent episode of Alaskan Bush People aired on Jan. 29, and there has been no news about another season. The show is now actually filmed in Okanogan County, Washington, as the family moved to the contiguous U.S. to be closer to doctors for matriarch Ami Brown's cancer treatments. Alaskan Bush People has also been criticized for allegedly staging events and making it appear the family was living in the Alaskan bush for years. Back in January 2016, patriarch Billy Brown and son Josh "Bam Bam" Brown reached a plea deal with Alaska prosecutors, who said they pretended to live in Alaska to receive dividend checks.