'Alaskan Bush People' Star Bear Brown's Ex Raiven Living in NICU 2 Weeks After Baby's Premature Birth

Raiven Adams, Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown's ex-fiance, is refusing to leave her baby's [...]

Raiven Adams, Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown's ex-fiance, is refusing to leave her baby's side. Taking to her Instagram Story over the weekend, Adams revealed that she is spending all of her time in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) after she and Brown's first child, a baby boy named River, was born six weeks premature. She explained that her decision was partially due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"I live in the NICU [right now], by the way," Adams informed her followers, according to In Touch Weekly. "They don't want us leaving at all because of coronavirus. But I wasn't gonna leave anyways. I would just miss him."

After announcing in September that they were expecting their first child together, Adams gave birth to River via a C-section on Monday, March 9 at just the 34-week stage in her pregnancy.

"She hasn;t slept for days," her mother, Kassy Michelle, said at the time. "She still has staples. … She's literally sitting beside his little incubator around the clock, just waiting for improvements… River is her only concern at this point. This is a lot for a single mother to take in. She spent two months in the hospital before this trying to keep him in until 34 weeks. She literally risked her life to have this baby."

Michelle had previously explained that her daughter had begun to experience preterm labor as a result of the stress she was experiencing from the drama surrounding her relationship with Brown. After breaking up and reuniting, later splitting again, Adams had filed a restraining order again Brown, who explained in his own social media post that he was not present for his son's birth.

"Hello everyone! There is something I would like to say!" the Discovery Channel star captioned a photo of River resting on Adams' chest. "It was two days after River was born before anyone told me! I am not trying to un-establish myself as Rivers Dad, I am trying to establish myself AS his dad, so that I will have equal rights as a parent! When my petition was filed there was a mistake in the order, it was supposed to say I'm trying to establish myself as Rivers dad! NOT un-establish! Please check the court records and you will find the mistake has been rectified!"

Brown, who had reportedly filed petition to disestablish paternity, added that he "will always consider myself River's Dad!"