'Alaskan Bush People' Fans Sound off After Bear Brown Slapped With Restraining Order

Alaskan Bush People fans are speaking out after news broke that series star Bear Brown's girlfriend Raiven Adams has been granted a temporary restraining order against him. While details surrounding the order remain unclear, including what exactly led to it, and neither Adams nor Brown have responded to the reports, fans have been sounding off on social media with mixed reactions.

"Hey!! She knew his lifestyle and what too expect from him," commented one fan on PopCulture.com's Facebook post. "Sorry they had to be bring a child into all this. Hope they work together to give the child a good life."

For some, the restraining order and newfound drama in their relationship, which has seen multiple breakups, is all in the name of attention and fame.

"Oh please, she has a touch with fame, now will do anything to insure the money keeps flowing," theorized one fan. "They should be careful with anyone looking for their 5 minutes."

"No way in hell , drama to make money," suggested another. "All of them are amazing and no way they would fit , or hurt anyone."

Others, however, seem to think that the restraining order is legitimate, citing concerns with Brown's behavior on the Discovery Channel series.

"Just watching this show you can tell this dude isn't right," wrote one. "I mean you can tell the whole family is a little off and their whole fake i'am living in the wilderness s– is ridiculous. This show should be canceled if it isnt (sic) already."

Meanwhile, other fans are coming to Brown's defense.

"I have loved and watched this show since the beginning, no way in hell he has been anything but cordial and sweet with her, he values his mother and sisters way way way to much to ever be violent with a woman let alone one carrying his baby," commented a fan. "Come on now people get a grip."

Adams filed the papers for a domestic violence protective order on Feb. 10, several months after she and Brown broke things off a second time, at the time declaring that they would remain friends and co-parent their child. A judge later granted Adams a temporary restraining order, though she will have to return to court in two weeks to make it permanent.


Adams and Brown had first met at Noah Brown's wedding in 2018. They were previously engaged, though briefly separated just two days before announcing that they were expecting their first child together.