'Alaskan Bush People': Brown Family's Net Worth Revealed

Alaskan Bush People might portray a family that lives in the wilderness, but living that way can come with a high financial cost. Thanks to the long-running success of the series, the Brown family earns a big paycheck from Discovery Channel, which in turn helps them live their lifestyle in Washington state. The net worth for the Brown family is reportedly $60 million, according to The Sun.

Each member of the family reportedly gets a different paycheck. The family patriarch, Billy Brown, receives about $500,000 per episode. The rest of the family members make between $40,000 and $60,000. Billy, 66, and Ami Brown, 55, are rents to seven children - sons Matt, 36, Bam Bam, 34, Bear, 31, Gabe, 29, and Noah, 26, and daughters Bird, 24, and Rain, 16. Matt is the only one no longer regularly appearing on the series, which finished its 12th season in October.

When the show launched, the series was filmed near Hoonah, Alaska, and Chichagof Island. However, after Ami fought lung cancer in 2017, some members of the family briefly lived in California while she was receiving treatment. When they lived in Southern California, the family reportedly called a $2.7 million Beverly Hills mansion their home. After Ami's cancer went into remission in early 2018, the couple relocated to Washington to be closer to her doctors.

Unfortunately, the family's efforts to improve their home in Washington took a bad turn over the summer, as the wildfires damaged their property. The family was quarantining together at home during the coronavirus pandemic at the time. "I gotta admit, it's hard preparing for something you don't know how big it's gonna get you," Billy said in a scene from an October episode. However, he said his family would "just get back after what we do" and "nothing's gonna stop the Browns."


Despite the setback, Billy said they still plan to rebuilt and they will not let Mother Nature get the best of them. "We really are much more determined to get the house built," Billy said. "We're not gonna stop. We're not gonna give up. Man since the beginning of time has been underestimating Mother Nature." All episodes of Alaskan Bush People are available to stream at the Discovery Channel website with a cable or satellite account. The network has not announced plans for a 13th season yet.