'Alaskan Bush People' Family Flees Wildfires After Being Hit With COVID-19 News in Exclusive Clip

The Brown family is staring down the barrel at two significant threats to their way of life when [...]

The Brown family is staring down the barrel at two significant threats to their way of life when the coronavirus pandemic hits Washington, while uncontrolled wildfires force the Alaskan Bush People stars to evacuate their mountain. In a PopCulture.com exclusive preview of Sunday's all-new episode of the hit Discovery show, the Browns are forced to band together and work even harder as they try to stay safe in a chaotic and changing world.

"The worldwide pandemic is sweeping the nation. With over 500 confirmed cases in the first month alone, Washington state has become a hotspot of the epidemic," a news broadcaster says at the start of the clip, as Bear Brown gathers wood for his family. "As public concern grows, officials hope to have the virus contained by summer, as the state looks ahead to the wildfire season."

After breaking the pandemic news to his family, patriarch Billy Brown tells the camera, "I gotta admit, it's hard preparing for something you don't know how big it's gonna get you," but urges his family to "just get back after what we do," assuring them that "nothing's gonna stop the Browns."

Things on the homestead go from bad to worse, however, when wildfires force the family's evacuation. While most of the Browns flee right away, Bam Bam and Bear Brown are forced to drive into danger as they rush to check on their mother Ami Brown, father Billy and brother Gabe Brown, who are still in the fire's path. "The whole side of the mountain's burnin'," Bam says warily as he drives up to their home, while back in safety, Snowbird breaks over worries for the lives of her family.

It's all part of being in the Wolfpack. "The life we've chosen, the way we live, can definitely come at a cost," Billy says to the camera, as footage of him facing down a bear flashes across the screen. "Faith, family, God — we need to remember those things right now." It's just that mindset that pushes the family even harder to finish construction on the house. "We really are much more determined to get the house built," Billy says. "We're not gonna stop. We're not gonna give up. Man since the beginning of time has been underestimating Mother Nature."

Of course, there are some heartwarming moments ahead too, as the family celebrates the first birthday of baby Elijah, born to Noah and Rhain on Feb. 26, 2019. Dressed in medieval attire, the Browns look forward to what they compare to the "coronation of the young prince." Alaskan Bush People airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET only on Discovery. For the latest on the Brown family from PopCulture, click here.