'Alaskan Bush People' Family 'Sticking Together' Amid Wildfire Evacuation, Coronavirus Pandemic (Exclusive)

It's been a difficult year for the Brown family, but the Alaskan Bush People stars are 'sticking [...]

It's been a difficult year for the Brown family, but the Alaskan Bush People stars are "sticking together" to make it through. After evacuating their mountain home amid the wildfires raging across the west coast, sisters Rain and Snowbird Brown told PopCulture.com ahead of Sunday's season finale that they're still finding the bright side amid all the tragedies that have struck their family.

"It's definitely been crazy — a lot has happened. ...We are currently still evacuated," Bird told PopCulture, adding that for now, a timeline for returning home is "pretty much up in the air," despite the fires dying down. Rain echoed that her family was thinking about "safety first" before they return to deal with what remains of their homestead. "We definitely did get some damage, but not all hope is lost," Rain said. "It's a time to stick together." Wildfires hitting amid the coronavirus pandemic and ongoing family drama has been a lot for the Brown family, but Rain said everyone is hanging in there with "a lot of hugs, a lot of conversation, being there for one another and just sticking together."

During the early COVID-19 days, life on the ranch made it easy for parents Ami Brown and Billy Brown to stay away from the public, as Ami recovered from lung cancer just recently and Billy was previously hospitalized for respiratory issues. "The main thing is just being safe for my parents," Rain said, explaining that anytime the younger Browns went into town for any reason, they were sure to wear a mask and take safety precautions.

"[My parents] are holding up — air quality is a big factor for my dad," Rain said, quipping that their days together consist of "a lot of love and a lot of oxygen." Bird chimed in of her parents, "I feel like they're always the anchors. They're always assuring us that things are going to be OK, even when we want to assure them things are OK."

There are some bright spots in 2020 for Rain and Bird, who became aunts in February 2019 when brother Noah and his wife, Rhain, welcomed baby Elijah, then again in March 2020 when brother Bear's girlfriend Raiven Adams welcomed son River. "Being an aunt is my favorite thing ever," Rain, known as Nana by her nephew, said. Bird chimed in, "You get to have the fun without necessarily the responsibility." Getting to meet baby River "briefly" amid COVID restrictions, Bird said she hopes to see more of her nephew in the future, which Rain seconded.

All in all, the Brown sisters are keeping the faith when it comes to what the future hold for their family. "We've had a lot of tragedies, but we're still moving forward," Rain said. "Even in the darkest of times there's still hope." Don't miss the season finale of Alaskan Bush People, airing Sunday, October 11 at 8 p.m. ET only on Discovery. For more on the Brown family from PopCulture, click here.