'Alaskan Bush People' Couple Reconciles After Breakup

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are back on, again. The couple appeared in [...]

Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are back on, again. The couple appeared in Instagram photos over the weekend, alongside their 1-year-old son River. The two started dating in 2018, got engaged in 2019, broke up, reunited in September 2020, and broke up again in April. Now it looks like they have rekindled their romance.

On Saturday, Brown posted a photo of himself with River on his back and Adams peeking into the shot. Then on Sunday, Brown shared a photo of just himself and Raiven. "The most beautiful lady I've ever seen," he wrote, adding a heart emoji.

Adams shared the same photos on her private Instagram page, alongside longer captions, reports The Sun. "We may have spent all this time being lost trying to fix ourselves," Adams wrote. "I wish we would have done that before we had you but we have done a tremendous job making sure you are loved and happy. Things may have been rocky for a while but for you, it's always been, love."

This is a big change from the status of their relationship in the spring. In early March, they went on a trip together to mark River's birthday. Some of the photos even sparked marriage speculation since Brown was shown wearing a ring. That was not the case though, as it appeared their relationship crumbled quickly. Brown posted a selfie on Instagram a few weeks after the trip, writing, "Tonight, my heart breaks." On April 29, he posted a strange photo of himself wearing a soaked suit in the shower while holding what appears to be an engagement ring.

"Raiven and I have gone our separate ways," Brown wrote at the time. "We split up over a month ago. I would like to also address some rumors I heard. I was never unfaithful to Raiven. I have always loved her and only her. She simply felt I was not what she's looking for. It has definitely hurt my heart and that along with everything else I'm going through has not been easy, but no matter what, I wish Raiven only happiness and hope she finds what she is looking for in life. Please be respectful to her!"

Then, Adams posted several TikTok videos in which she made it clear she was done with Brown for good, or at least at that time she was. When one fan asked her if it was difficult to date a celebrity, she wrote in the past tense. "I will answer this because it is a question about me," she responded. "Yes, it was hard. I got a lot of hate from the state. But I also made a lifelong best friend I would not have met otherwise. And I have a beautiful son that is my world."

In May, she told a fan on TikTok that she did not care what her ex thinks about how she lives her life. "I've had the ex's of my ex come to me and say, 'Oh wow, you're nothing like he said you were,'" Adams said at the time. "Ex's [definitely] aren't credible sources. Everyone I know in person would say I am a great mom and person. I do for others constantly so strangers' opinions or my exes don't matter [to] me."

Adams and Brown started dating in 2018 and got engaged the following year. Two weeks after their engagement, they broke up, but Adams later learned she was pregnant. In February 2020, Adams filed for a protective order against Brown, accusing him of being abusive and using drugs during their relationship. Brown later denied the allegations on Instagram. Adams and Brown rekindled their relationship for the first time in September 2020, when she took River to Washington state to finally meet his father.