'Alaskan Bush People' Couple Officially Break Up

Raiven Adams confirmed she and Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown are no longer a couple in a [...]

Raiven Adams confirmed she and Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown are no longer a couple in a series of TikTok videos she shared over the weekend. Although there was speculation in early March that they secretly married, Brown, 33, posted about his heart breaking on March 29, which many assumed meant the couple broke up. Adams, 23, and Brown are parents to son River, who was born in March 2020.

On Saturday, Adams shared several TikTok videos in which she danced to songs while her responses to fans' questions appeared as captions. "Why are you and Bear no longer together?" read one question. "I will not be answering this question," Adams wrote as she danced to Britney Spears' "Gimme More." In the next video, someone asked her how she was doing. "What a wonderful question that is actually about me," she replied. "I'm doing much better thank you."


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Adams did answer some other questions about River and her relationship with Brown. In one clip, she confirmed that River does have Brown's last name. She also shared one comment from a fan who said she is more than just the mother of Brown's baby. "I know my ex being on TV is interesting, but this page was mine before we met," she responded. "So I want to keep it that way." She also clarified that she is "no longer on TV" and has a right to privacy just like anyone else.

Another fan asked Adams if it was difficult to date someone famous. "I will answer this because it is a question about me," she wrote. "Yes, it was hard. I got a lot of hate from the state. But I also made a lifelong best friend I would not have met otherwise. And I have a beautiful son that is my world." The friend she is referencing is likely Raquel Brown, who is married to Brown's brother Gabe Brown. In one of her TikTok videos, Adams confirmed she is still close friends with Raquel, even if she is no longer dating Brown.

On Sunday, Adams shared a TikTok video that seemed directed at the media attention her relationship has drawn. "People constantly judging my choices based on what they watched on TV or half the truth on the Internet," she wrote. "I am doing what [is] best for my son and I. Focusing on my happiness. Focusing on providing my son with a happy healthy life. Making good out of bad."

In early March, the couple went on a trip to celebrate River's first birthday. Since some of the photos they shared showed Brown wearing a ring, many thought they might have gotten married in secret. A few weeks later, though, Brown posted a cryptic selfie on Instagram, adding the caption, "Tonight, my heart breaks" and including a broken heart emoji. That led to fans thinking they broke up, especially as Adams hid her Instagram page from public view. After Brown posted that photo, Adams responded to fans on TikTok with "mind your business" as a hashtag in a video's caption.

The couple began dating in 2018 and got engaged in 2019. Two weeks after announcing their engagement, they broke up, but Adams later discovered she was pregnant. Adams accused Brown of being abusive during their relationship, but they reunited in September 2020 when she took River to Washington to meet Brown for the first time. Brown has not shared a photo with River recently, although he does still have pictures with Adams still up on his Instagram page.