'90 Day Fiance': Andrew Kenton Slams 'Fame-Hungry Liar' Amira Lollysa After Leaving Her in Mexican Detention Center

90 Day Fiancé star Andrew Kenton and fiancée Amira Lollysa are done! After Mexican officials detained the France native at the border during the couple's attempt to bypass coronavirus flight restrictions and move Lollysa to the U.S. with Kenton during the ongoing season of the TLC show, the preschool owner took to his Instagram Story to accuse the network of failing to tell his side of the story, slamming his ex as a "fame-hungry liar."

Kenton shared texts he purports to be from Lollysa on social media last week, claiming she was far more involved in the plan to go to Mexico than the show lets on. "Here is the truth," he wrote. "Amira was the one to make the decision; she was on the forum, she bought the ticket, chose the date and much more! Want to see something interesting? Ask for her detention paperwork?"

He then told his followers they would have to choose who they wanted to believe when it came to what really happened between the two. "It's laughable if you just want to ignore what is written on an official government document," he wrote. "My integrity is worth way more than a silly TV show." Adding that he did not need "fame, lip fillers or filters," Kenton doubled down on his disses toward Lollysa, calling her a "fame-hungry liar" who has "every reason to be in lock-step to achieve that fame."

"All I ever did was support someone else's dream!" he continued of his own motivations, saying he "honestly never needed or wanted this show." As for the criticism that he was less than helpful when Lollysa was detained, Kenton also shared texts with someone he claimed was a translator/investigator who helped him determine what had happened to her while she was in custody. "I DID...I got a good one!" he wrote. "One of the incredibly helpful translators and investigators who aided me during Amira's detention!!! Stop believing nonsense."

As for Lollysa, she shared an update on her Instagram Story Sunday apologizing to her followers for being absent on social media. "I am sorry not to be posting more I really don't forget you guys. I think of you," she wrote. "It just has been tough reliving my detention trauma. Thank you so much for understanding. And thank you so much for ALL your supportive messages. I'm so grateful for you!!! I love you."