'90 Day Fiance': Was Amira Lollysa Deported to France After Attempted Quarantine Loophole?

90 Day Fiance star Amira Lollysa was reportedly deported to her native France during an attempt by her and fiance Andrew Kenton to take advantage of a quarantine loophole. The two hoped to meet in Mexico, but Lollysa was detained and taken back to France in June 2020. As seen on the show's ninth season, the couple thought they could use a supposed loophole to get around a European travel ban, but things did not go as well as they hoped.

Kenton, 32, and Lollysa, 28, met online and got engaged after they met for the first time in Las Vegas. Her K-1 visa was approved in March 2020, just as the U.S. government put a ban on traveling to European countries to slow the spread of the coronavirus, notes InTouch Weekly. This also included France. In a scene that aired in a December episode, Kenton told his mother he found a "loophole," whereby Lollysa flew to Mexico and they met there. Once they met there, he believed they could self-quarantine together for two weeks before going back to the U.S. The way the show was edited, it appeared that this was all Kenton's idea, but he criticized TLC's editing and later told fans on Instagram on Jan. 12 that Lollysa was the one who found out about the "loophole" and it was her idea to try it.

On Jan. 12, 90 Day Fiance blogger FraudedMedia obtained Lollysa's deportation paperwork. The documents appear to show she arrived in Mexico on June 11 and was deported back to France two days later. According to InTouch Weekly, Lollysa flew from France to Mexico City, where she hoped to make a connection to Puerto Vallarta. However, she was detained by authorities and taken to a detention center when she arrived in Mexico's capital city. In a preview for the Jan. 17 episode, Lollysa talked about her ordeal through tears. "Nobody deserves to go through that. Nobody," she said.

Some fans have speculated that the couple is no longer together, especially after Kenton criticized Lollysa in the Jan. 12 messages he shared on his Instagram Story. In addition to claiming Lollysa's trip to Mexico was her idea, he wrote, "My integrity is worth way more than a silly TV show. No need for fame, lip fillers, or filters here. Y’all never met a real one like me." He later appeared to refer to her as a "fame-hungry liar."

"Or you can believe a fame-hungry liar who has every reason to be in lockstep to achieve that fame,” Kenton wrote. “All I ever did was support someone else’s dream!! My presence on your screen is even further proof of that. I honestly never needed or wanted this show haha [four laughing with tears emojis]. Keep that in mind when you decide who you believe.”