'7 Little Johnstons': Jonah and Ashley Discuss Getting Back Together in Exclusive Finale Sneak Peek

After taking months apart, Jonah Johnston and his girlfriend Ashley are ready to give their relationship another chance. Jonah and Ashley reunite for the first time in months to discuss ending their break in a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's season finale, and Ashley is pleasantly surprised by what she sees.

"It's really nice to see Ashley after so long," Jonah tells the cameras as the two head out to eat together. "I know this is an important weekend for us and for me to catch up and just ultimately talk to her about how I'm moving forward after me trying to better myself." 

"It's been a couple months since we last saw each other and now that I'm starting to get a feeling like of... I think relief would be the best word, because of the fact that anxiety and all this stuff," Jonah tells Ashley. "I think the break ultimately has helped me." Ashley agrees that the two needed to just "reevaluate" things during their break. "I've definitely seen a change with you. And then I've definitely seen a change with us because we were so tense about everything and now we've opened up more and I think that's good," she tells Jonah.

With both of them on the same page there, Jonah is curious about where they stand as a couple, sharing that he was "hoping for" an end to their break at this point. "I don't know right now as to whether or not my relationship can withstand the issues that I've been going through," he says worriedly to the camera. "I mean all I can do is hope. But Ashley plays a big role in this too and her word means just as much as mine. And I have to respect that."

After "enough time to reflect," Ashley agrees, "I feel like we should start things back up." She's quick to add that she and Jonah might not want to "dive into it so fast again," but thinks that if they both reenter their relationship on the same page, things should be "a lot smoother." Jonah couldn't be more excited: "Ashley and I, we have a strong bond and that was it from the start. And I had some setbacks that I had to work towards and bust my ass for to prove to my parents that I'm able to handle something like this and I cherish it greatly," he says. Don't miss Tuesday's season finale of 7 Little Johnstons, at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.