'Teen Mom 2' Star Kailyn Lowry Defends Jenelle Evans' Daughter Ensley After Being Compared to Son Lux

Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans may not be close, but Lowry was quick to stand up for Evans' 2-year-old daughter when a follower compared Ensley's speech abilities with that of her own 2-year-old son, Lux. The pregnant Teen Mom 2 star shared an adorable video of her youngest exchanging "I love yous" with her Wednesday, which led one follower to reply that Lux spoke "10x" better than Ensley. But Lowry didn't accept the backhanded compliment, instead assuring that Ensley was simply learning at her "own pace."

The MTV star's followers thought her reply was particularly classy. "So glad to see this response," one person wrote. "Women straighten a gals crown, without pointing it out to everyone. Hope you pregnancy goes well, I think you are a great mom."

"Thats so mature of you.. I love this," another added. "(And I’m not a fan of her- Janelle) BUT children are not at fault for ANY adult drama. PERIOD! #Respect."

Lowry announced earlier this month that she was expecting a fourth child: "We're confirming the news, baby #4 is coming soon!" she wrote. "I'm almost 16 weeks pregnant & it's been a rough few months this time around. I've had nausea, morning sickness, and absolutely no energy. This week I'm starting to feel a bit better and I'm really hoping it stays this way!"

Despite their history together, Evans told E! News at the time that she had nothing but congratulations for her former co-star, saying, "I wish her the best."

Last week, to PopCulture.com, Evans explained that she wasn't close with Lowry by any means, but was trying to keep things "civil" with all her former castmates.


"You've gotta think about your future with other people, and you've gotta think about [that] you might run into them someday," she explained. "Can't hate each other forever."

Photo credit: Getty / MTV