R. Kelly Victim Faith Rodgers Has Something to Say to Bill Cosby

A former girlfriend and one of the accusers who testified against disgraced R&B singer R. Kelly has some choice words for Bill Cosby. Faith Rodgers dated Kelly when she was 19 and he was 50. The two met backstage after Kelly's Dallas, Texas concert and began an intimate relationship. She accuses Kelly of filming their sexual experiences without her permission. She also says Kelly began harassing and threatening her after their split when she began speaking out about his controlling ways. Like other accusers, Rodgers says Kelly knowingly infected her with herpes.

Kelly was recently found guilty of all nine charges in his Brooklyn, New York racketeering and sex trafficking case. Though Kelly insists he's innocent and his legal team claims his accusers are disgruntled exes who are out for his money, a jury believed otherwise. Kelly is set to be sentenced on May 4, 2022. His legal team has already promised to appeal the verdict.

After Kelly's verdict was made public, TMZ caught up with The Cosby Show creator's representative Andrew Wyatt. Wyatt told paps that Cosby feels like Kelly was "railroaded." "My client's conviction was vacated by the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court because they saw the truth," Wyatt said. "What we see in America today, with R. Kelly, is an assault on Black men. And this is an assault on successful Black men who are doing great things." 

Wyatt says Kelly and Cosby's case is simply the system orchestrating an attack on Black men. "I see R. Kelly having a strong case on appeal. I think that when he gets to the Supreme Court, I think we'll see the conviction overturned," said Wyatt. "I think it's unfortunate that this man, even before he was brought to trial, he wasn't given bond. He had to sit in jail. We see Harvey Weinstein who was out on bond. We see the Black and white issue. We see the cancel culture issue in America. We see the assault on successful Black men who have wealth." 

Rodgers is no fan of Wyatt's comments on behalf of Cosby, who was "beyond insulting" to all of Kelly's victims as recently released from prison for sexual assault based upon a technicality. Rodgers says the comments are "beyond insulting." She says that within her year and a half relationship with Kelly, he "manipulated" her and "abused" her for his own sexual pleasure. Rodgers read a prepared statement before the press with her attorney Gloria Allred by her side. Her parents were also present for support. 


Rodgers remains Wyatt that she's the victim of Kelly's revenge porn, with her alleging that he had his handlers post nude photos of her to the public when she refused to stop speaking publicly about him. "R. Kelly did receive a fair trial," she continued. "And he was convicted based on facts. He was not railroaded."