Lizzo Wants to Hold a Nude Concert, Possibly in Las Vegas

Lizzo may have an eventful year ahead. The pop sensation is weighing the possibility of doing a [...]

Lizzo may have an eventful year ahead. The pop sensation is weighing the possibility of doing a show completely in the nude. Ahead of a recent gig in Amsterdam, the "Juice" singer chatted with 3FM about the possibility of her doing a live show strictly in her birthday suit. It doesn't sound like anything's set in stone just yet, but she's clearly thought about holding one and even has a couple of locales in mind.

"I would do a special naked performance," Lizzo said, adding "I would only do it in Vegas or Amsterdam. Everyone would have to give up their cell phones -- your phone would be safe, but I think we'd do it like that. Then it would just be 'everybody, let's go.'"

Known for her body positivity and outspoken nature in general, the notion of Lizzo baring all one night on stage isn't exactly out of left field. She recently made headlines after attending a Laker's game in a rather revealing outfit this past Sunday. While her wardrobe choices led to some critical remarks online (shocking, I know), Lizzo took to Instagram to respond, and genuinely seems to be unphased by the whole ordeal, stating "nothing's gonna break my joy."

"I'm a really solid grounded person and I know that I'm really shocking because you've never seen in a long time a body like mine doing whatever it wants to do and dressing the way that it dresses and moving the way that it moves," she said in the video. "But I don't want to censor myself because I'm suddenly famous, or I don't want to censor myself because everyone's looking at me now. I'm not going to quiet myself, I'm not going to shrink myself because somebody thinks that I'm not sexy to them."

Prior to her eye-catching courtside turn, last month Lizzo posted a rather sultry photo of herself on Instagram, which happened to follow her show-stopping performance at the American Music Awards. "And as we let our own light shine, We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same," the caption read.

In the meantime, the Hustlers co-star also managed to drop a music video for her feel-good anthem "Good as Hell" on Monday. It also allows her to flex her skills as a flutist, as the video is set at Louisiana's Southern University and follows real students as they prepare for the Homecoming game.