'Jackass' Producers Respond to Bam Margera's Lawsuit Against Latest Film

Producers at Paramount Pictures have responded to Bam Margera's legal efforts to stop the release of Jackass Forever. Attorneys for the ViacomCBS-owned studio, MTV, fellow Jackass star Johnny Knoxville, director Jeff Tremaine, EP Spike Jonze, and others called the legal action Margera took against the studio "baseless." 

"His claims seeking to enjoin Jackass Forever improperly target Defendants' protected speech and are precluded as a matter of law," the attorneys said in a memorandum, per Deadline. "This Court should strike them."

Margera filed the lawsuit in an attempt to stop the release of the film after he was fired from the movie earlier this year due to erratic behavior. 

"Separate and apart from its legal insufficiency, Margera's complaint is riddled with outright lies: Margera alleges that Knoxville, Tremaine, and Jonze accosted him in a rehab facility and browbeat him into signing a draconian sobriety contract (they did not, infra at II.A); that he was fraudulently induced and coerced into signing his talent agreement with Paramount (he was not, infra at II.C); that Paramount hired a doctor who forced him to take a "cocktail of pills" that Paramount supposedly prescribed for him against his will (that is absurd and never happened, infra at II.B); that he complied with the Wellness Program (he breached it, infra at II.D); and that he was terminated for taking Adderall, which he claims was prescribe for him (it was not—he admitted that he bought it off the street—infra at II.D)," the court documents read. 

The legal parties are both requesting to appear in front of Judge Robert Draper on Nov. 1 in person in the hopes that Margera's complaint will be dismissed and the studio can move forward with its 2022 release date. Margera called out the Jackass family earlier this year, calling for fans to boycott the upcoming movie. "My family — Jackass — has betrayed me, rejected me, abandoned me," Margera said in the video. "Not all of them. I love all of them and they love me back. But specifically Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville. So I feel like my family has f—ing done everything horrible to me and made me jump on hoops and walk through eggshells — which is impossible — and strung me along like a f—ing puppet to get the $5 million I usually get when I make a movie with them because Jeff Tremaine and CKY has started it."


His castmate Steve-O responded to his claims, shutting down Margera's complaints of mistreatment. "You've continued to get loaded, it's that simple. We all love you every bit as much as we all say we do, but nobody who really loves you can enable you or encourage you to stay sick," Steve-O said."I'm in Florida, I'm safe and I'm getting phenomenal help with peace and f—ing quiet with the green queen."