Meghan McCain Shames Non-Elderly People Receiving the Vaccine Before Frontline Workers

Meghan McCain is known for being an outspoken voice on The View, and even though the show was [...]

Meghan McCain is known for being an outspoken voice on The View, and even though the show was taking a holiday break, the co-host isn't stepping down from speaking her mind. McCain took to Twitter to call out everyone getting the COVID-19 vaccine before frontline workers and the elderly. "Merry Christmas to everyone except healthy people under 65 getting the vaccine before our frontline workers who have sacrificed everything for our country this year," she tweeted.

McCain went on maternity leave after she and her husband, right-wing founder of The Federalist Ben Domenech, welcomed their first child together, Liberty Sage McCain Domenech in September. McCain shared just how much she enjoyed the fruits of motherhood via Instagram saying, "I am not a poet nor an artists - so I cannot fully express the ecstasy of motherhood. However, I will say having a daughter answers every existential and ontological question a human being confronts in this wild life. Ben and I have been so indescribably blessed and experienced nothing but an embarrassment of bliss since having Liberty"

While many wondered what the show's producers would do with the conservative's empty chair, McCain revealed she will be returning to the daytime talk show once the series returns on Jan. 4.

"I will be back [The View] when the season comes back right after New Years in January!" she said on Dec. 10. "I appreciate those who miss me. I love my job but have also really loved this time with my daughter Liberty and think maternity leave is a gift."

The co-host missed out on an election cycle, which left many wondering what her future would look like in the next season. McCain also has a history of heated conversations with her other co-hosts, making fans feel as though the co-hosts wouldn't be upset to say goodbye -- some even speculating that she was part of the reason View veteran Joy Behar decided to retire from the show in 2022.

"One of the mission statements of The View was to be a reflection of the conversations that people are having in the real world. And I think in the last couple of years, the real world is starting to look a lot more like The View instead of the other way around," the show's executive producer Brian Teta revealed to Deadline in defense of McCain's placement on the show. "The real world has become a reflection of us, because even the arguments they are having on the show, they are having every day in families. As things become polarized, I think people are looking at our show, and seeing no matter what your viewpoint is, you see it on our show."