Tinder Just Changed the Hook-Up Game Forever With New Feature

Tinder and Lyft have partnered in an unexpected way. The dating app had partnered with the rideshare to offer subscribers the ability to gift their dates rides. It will be an in-app feature within the Tinder app. As of now, there's no official date the merger goes into effect. Instead, it's "slated to roll out in the coming months," per The Verge. Tinder currently doesn't have any promotional visuals for the new feature. Reps for Tinder insists that Lyft's typical safety features, such as location sharing with family and friends, will remain available from the Lyft app for rides that are gifted. 

Many see this as a convenience, but there are some concerns. Tinder confirms that the Lyft option is not available until both parties on the date have agreed to meet. As of now, details such as ordering the ride, paying for the ride, and tipping the driver are unknown. Whether or not a match can cancel the ride is also not known. The report notes that Lyft drivers may still show up at a location waiting for their pickup even though the pickup may have changed their mind about going. 

A release on Lyft's website currently reads in part: "Your dating game might be a little rusty after spending the past year and a half in quarantine but as you get back into the groove, let your dating life heat up again. To help make an unforgettable first impression, Lyft and Tinder have come together on a new Lyft feature that allows Tinder users to send their date a Lyft ride. 


More information is set to become available over the next few months. There's still an option for Zoom dates or Tinder's built-in trivia feature in the meantime. Lyft users currently have the option to order a ride for themselves or another person.