We Bet You Don't Know The Most Important Meal of The Day for Weight Loss

It's lunch!

Eating lunch provides an invaluable break from the stresses of the day. Not only does it refuel your body when it's flagging from that mid-morning hunger, but it boosts your blood sugar and metabolism, making it easier to power through your afternoon. Oh yeah, and you'll concentrate better after lunch, too!

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Jessica Rosen, a Holistic Health Coach from Raw Generation, is here to explain exactly why your biggest meal of the day should be lunch.

"Ancient Ayurvedic wisdom tells us that our body requires 80 percent of it's fuel before 2pm each day," Rosen said. "This means that your body is primed to burn through all of the food you eat to make energy, burn fat and keep your metabolism going. So instead of skipping breakfast or lunch and eating a hefty dinner, switch to eating a substantial breakfast, a large lunch and a small dinner."

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Skinny Mom Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowl recipe

>> Recipe: Roasted Veggie Buddha Bowl

All those calories you just consumed at lunch? You have all afternoon and evening to burn them, which are the times you're most active anyway! If you ate all your calories at night for dinner, they'd be sitting in your stomach when your body isn't in 'digestion mode.' (a.k.a. when you're binge-watching Fixer Upper.)


"To get your body in weight loss mode it's best to go to bed with your stomach empty enough that you do not feel any food in it but not so empty that it will keep you from falling asleep," Rosen said.

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A packed lunch can be healthy and delicious, but everyone knows it can be time-consuming to pack a lunch when you have kids to get ready for school and a carpool to run. That's why you should try Power Planning Sunday, the absolute best way to prep for your lunches each week!

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