The Amazing Health Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Left Side

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(Photo: Flickr)

If you’ve ever woken up on the “wrong side of the bed,” you might have been adding insult to injury by sleeping on the wrong side of your body, too.

When you’re falling into bed at night utterly exhausted, the last thing you might think about is your sleeping position. But believe it or not, there is a right and wrong side to sleep on, and choosing the wrong side can result in negative health effects.

Here we’re giving you six reasons to make sure you fall asleep on your left side tonight.

Relieves Heartburn
If you indulge in an exceptionally spicy or rich meal, several studies suggest sleeping on your left side can help relieve possible heartburn symptoms – whereas the right side may make them worse.

Controls Snoring
If you or your partner struggle with snoring, consider trying to sleep on your left side; it’s been proven beneficial for patients who have obstructive sleep apnea and are prone to snoring.

Improves Circulatory System
Two vital benefits of left-side sleeping are better circulation and a decrease in varicose veins. According to the Vein Clinic, “If you have varicose veins, it's a good idea to sleep on your left side — this improves circulation by reducing pressure on your vena cava (the body's largest vein), located on the right side of the body."

Improves Digestion
While you might not associate the two together, staying regular can be directly affected by your sleeping position. A study conducted by the Graduate Hospital in Philadelphia revealed that sleeping on your left side can prevent heartburn as well, as sleeping on your left side allows gravity to encourage the food waste to move more easily from the small to the large intestine.


Helps Fetus If Pregnant
According to the American Pregnancy Association, left side sleeping will increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta and your baby.

Improves Heart Health
You can help improve the overall health of one of the most important organs in the human body by sleeping on your left side, since that causes the lymph drainage toward the heart to be helped by gravity to take some of the load off your heart as you are sleeping.