Sharon Osbourne Gets Candid About Her Mental Breakdown

(Photo: Twitter / @HuffingtonPost)

Sharon Osbourne revealed earlier this week that she has been suffering from depression and had a mental breakdown last May, and now she's opening up about its cause.

"I had given up. I just couldn't deal," Osbourne told Access Hollywood's Natalie Morales. "At a very low point in my life, I was very frightened about what was going on with me mentally and the thoughts that were going into my head constantly."

Osbourne had previously revealed her breakdown on Monday's episode of The Talk, sharing that she took a five-week emergency leave of absence from the show after it happened.

"These thoughts coming into my head and pictures and people's faces and I couldn't control my head, but I couldn't verbalize it," PEOPLE reports Osbourne as saying. "I just didn't have the strength to even say I need help, help me because I just couldn't talk I was just flat, gone."

"It's very weird when you suffer from a bad depression… I had a complete and utter breakdown," she later told Entertainment Tonight. "I woke up in Cedars-Sinai hospital. For three days, I couldn't talk ... knew nothing. I was taking on too much... my brain totally fused. I just couldn't cope with anything."

She added that her family helped find her the right treatment to deal with her illness.


"My family put me into a facility and in this facility they diagnose you, and you do a lot of group therapy," she said. "The group therapy was the best, because there were other people suffering from the same thing. I didn't want to talk, didn't want to eat, didn't want to speak to anyone."

"Go to group therapy, ground your body and soul," Osbourne added. "It’s nothing to be ashamed about. If you had a bad leg, you tell everybody you had a bad leg. I just have a bad head."