Mother of Three, Marissa Fearon, Shares Her Post Pregnancy Fitness Photos

A little bit of a different #transformationtuesday comin' at ya today. The photo on the left is days before giving birth to my first baby, almost 7 years ago. From that day on my body never felt like it belonged to me. It carried my sweet boy for 9 months. Then it nourished him for his first year. Then shortly after that it carried my baby girl for 9 months. Then it nourished her for her first year almost. Then shortly after that carried my last little babe for 9 months. In between pregnancies I tried to stay "healthy". But I wasn't healthy at all. I did cardio here and there. Made some sad attempts at weight machines at the gym. Ate like crap. Etc etc. But the last 7 and a half months, my body has finally felt like my own again. After being completely changed, rearranged and put back together after 3 kids - it finally feels like it's mine and I am in control of it and that's the best feeling in the world. It is more than possible to be fit after kids and it is the most accomplished feeling in the world! Making health and fitness a priority in my life was the best decision I've made. To all the moms out there postpartum, prepregnancy, pregnant or just struggling to find the balance. YOU CAN DO THIS!! It will be hard. You will want to quit. But just keep in mind it is SO worth it and it is ALWAYS worth it. It isn't selfish of you to want to better yourself. And if you have kids, you will be setting such a good example of a healthy life for them to look up to.

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Marissa Fearon wanted to share her journey of getting fit again after having her third child. So, she took to Instagram, chronicling the transformation with true and raw photos of her post pregnancy body — complete with abs, stretch marks, and sagging skin.

"I want to show [my kids] that you can do anything you set your mind to," she said. "I can't teach them to be confident and comfortable in their own skin if I'm not," reports.

Since she started sharing her progress in 2015, the Ontario mom has gained almost 10,000 followers. Fearon wanted to reach out to other moms and show that it is possible to get fit with a healthy diet and exercise. What she seems to really show is that mothers can get fit without having to put pressure on themselves to "bounce back" like celebrities.

"I definitely felt pressure to 'bounce back' as I think all moms do — because of celebrities and social media," Fearon said. "Confidence has definitely come from working out and living a healthy lifestyle. It's made me able to embrace my body so much more."

Fearon admits that staying in shape is hard with children and even harder when media inundates you with images of mothers with perfect bodies. What is so inspiring about Fearon's transformation, however, is that she isn't trying to be a Photoshopped fitness model, nor is she trying to tell others what they should look like. She is simply showing what her body looks like after she has taken the steps to care for it after pregnancy. She is encouraging others to embrace the changes in their bodies!


"Learning to love and appreciate our bodies for what they are now is the bravest things a mama can do and every day I feel braver and stronger than ever," she added.

You go, girl!