Get the 411 on Cold-Pressed Juice

Juice has served as an important staple in our diets since childhood. That satisfying glass of OJ [...]

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Juice has served as an important staple in our diets since childhood. That satisfying glass of OJ with scrambled eggs, or the allure of just a sip of one of those wildly evocative juices we spot in the grocery store (Orange Peach Mango, anyone?) had us convinced that we were allowing ourselves a healthy indulgence. However, the not-so-nutritious downsides of juice have been exposed in recent years, upsetting both our traditional morning meals and our ideals of what it truly means to be healthy. Suddenly, the popularity of cold-pressed juices has become a dominating trend in our country as a healthy and nutritious meal on-the-go. What is it about these new concoctions that hold everyone so captivated?

Well, for one thing, cold-pressed juices are completely devoid of any kind of pasteurization or high heat that are commonly applied to most brands. Cold-pressed juices are kept as raw as possible. Produce (both fruits and veggies), are sealed in a bag that is then crushed under a huge amount of pressure, a method called High Pressure Processing. This process guarantees the preservation of much of the nutrients found in our favorite fruits and vegetables. Nearly 6 pounds of fresh produce and 7 tons of pressure combine by the time the finished product reaches the bottle, in order to create the purest juice imaginable. No added sugar or preservatives, period.

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People claim that the most sought-after caffeinated beverages are tossed aside in favor of this unique concoction. Cold-pressed juice gives juice fanatics the boost of energy they need to get through their morning. Juice-lovers also claim that they feel healthier and more physically active. Cold-pressed juice often serves as a meal replacement for those of us who are constantly on-the-go, and has given new life to the once-exhausted concept of juice cleanses. Now, more than ever before, people seem hooked on this new craze!

So are there any downsides? As with most trends, there is some contention over the true benefits of cold-pressed juice. Experts argue that, while the pressure that is exerted on the produce does maintain a good deal of the important nutrients, it also eliminates one of our largest sources of fiber. Also, while cold-pressed juice cleanses definitely have their upsides, they don't contain all the ingredients our bodies need to remain healthy and happy. Excessive cleansing can do more damage than good, so be sure to consult a nutritionist or a dietician before you jump right in! Finally, cold-pressed juice can get ridiculously expensive. A 16 oz bottle of freshly pressed juice usually costs about $10, and a cold-pressed juicer can range anywhere from $200 to $500, so watch your wallet!

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For a great meal-on-the-run that will pack you full of important nutrients and fantastic flavor, give cold-pressed juice a shot! It's a great meal replacement that will have you looking and feeling your best, no matter what your hectic schedule looks like. For more information on cold-pressed juices, check out our sources below:

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