This NSFW Video Shows What a 'Gentle C-Section' Looks Like — and It's Actually Kind of Magical

(Photo: Instagram / @fertilugo)Have you ever heard of a 'gentle C-section?' It's what more and [...]

(Photo: Instagram / @fertilugo)

Have you ever heard of a "gentle C-section?" It's what more and more hospitals have been offering to expectant mothers over the past few years. In fact, 20 to 30 percent of the Cesarian births at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston use a gentle C-section.

It's designed to make a C-section birth a little less surgical — for example, the mother is propped up slightly so that she can watch the baby come out. The baby is even placed on her chest afterwards, just like a vaginal birth, allowing for immediate skin-to-skin contact you wouldn't see in a typical C-seciton.

Dr. Jham Frank Lugo, the founder of a fertility clinic in Maracay, Venezuela, frequently posts videos of gentle C-sections on Instagram. *Warning: If your stomach tends to lean on the queasy side, you might not want to be eating while you watch.*

While, yes, the video is obviously a little hard to get through, how amazing is that? Just look at his perfect little head! If you think you can handle more, check out these next videos from Dr. Lugo showing a bit more of a gentle C-section delivery.

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Moms who've had both a gentle and a typical C-section agree that the two experiences are worlds apart: "As a mum who had delivered by Cesarean, I never thought I would have the experience of actually watching my child as he was born," Rebecca Cook told Health Hub. "This family-centred approach provided me with that opportunity."

Doctors agree that it could make for a better birthing experience, but are only offering it to women who need a C-section.

"No one is trying to advocate for C-sections. We really don't want to increase the Cesarean rate; we just want to make it better for those who have to have it," Dr. William Camannn, the director of obstetric anaesthesiology at Brigham and Women's Hospital, told NPR.

Would you have a gentle C-section if it meant connecting more with your baby?

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