Cara Delevingne's Body Was Slimmed Down for 'Suicide Squad' and People Are Not Happy About It

(Photo: Tinseltown /

Although Suicide Squad has been released to DVD since December, the Oscar-winning movie is still making waves — and not in a good way.

In a new in-depth video highlighting some of the complicated visual effects of the flick, it looks like actress Cara Delevingne's figure was slimmed down for her role of Enchantress.

The comparison begins with Delevingne in nude underwear and minimal body art before layering visual effects for the transformation into the powerful sorceress.

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The problem is, Delevingne's body shape pre-costume looks completely different from her body shape post-costume — in fact, it looks like her waist is smaller and her stomach has been flattened. Check it out in this gif:

To say the least, Twitter has not been happy about the recent turn of events.

"I'm handing in my resignation for my attempts to compete with society's beauty standards," one user wrote.

"That's saying something when even a model's body isn't deemed slim enough..." wrote another.

Delevingne hasn't officially responded to the drama, although her tweet quoting Kendrick Lamar's lyrics off his new single "Humble" might be able to clue us in.

Watch the full video explaining the CGI effects used for Suicide Squad here:



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