22 High-Tech Food Scales: A Must-Have Tool for Healthy Eating

Owning a food scale can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping track of how much you eat as well as the amount of nutrients in your food. You may think of a food scale as nothing more than a simple weighing device, but food scales have come a long way. Check out these high-tech scales that give prepping, planning and preparing meals a whole new meaning.

EatSmart Precision Retro Mechanical Food Scale: Aside from the three brilliant colors you can get with this scale, the oversized weight bowl can handle large quantities of food to weigh at once. The easy-to-read dials are also a major plus with this highly affordable food scale.


Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Food Scale: If space is an issue, then this scale will be perfect for your kitchen. It’s lightweight and small in size, but will weigh up to 12 pounds of food. The black and chrome finish matches every kitchen motif.

food scale ozeri

Frieling Joy Digital Kitchen Scale & iPod/iPhone Station: This one is more than a scale, it’s also a source of entertainment because you can easily plug your iPod or iPhone into it and listen to your favorite tunes. The scale itself has a round weighing surface that can weigh up to 11 pounds of food.


Perfect Portions Digital Scale: Here’s a scale that not only weighs your food, but will give you a full nutritional profile including calories, protein, carbs, fat and fiber. A code book is included with nearly 2000 foods so all you have to do is look up the code, enter it into the scale, weigh the food and voila—all the information you could possibly need.


Escali Taso Mixing Bowl: Here’s a mixing bowl with a built-in scale that comes in five fun colors. You can measure, mix and pour your food all with one super high-tech bowl.


Camry 1.1L Volume Removable Measuring Cup: You can measure liquids and/or solids with this unique measuring cup. Choose from ounces or grams and one of four great colors.

61sGaF9DGhL._SL1500_Zyliss Electronic Kitchen Scale: This scale is perfect when you want precise measurements that you can easily pour out without making a mess. The red and chrome color will add a bit of splash to your kitchen décor.


Esacli Pop Up Digital Scale: With a rainbow of colors to choose from, this scale is as much practical as it is functional. The rubber bottom prevents your countertop from being scratched and the attached measuring bowl can hold up to one and a half quarts.


Multi-view Food Scale with Adjustable Digital Tower Readout: If reading a digital scale is difficult, this one comes with a special readout tower that allows you to read the measurement closer to your eyes to avoid straining and squinting. The flat surface allows you to evenly place your food on top of it without worrying about drips, spills and messes.


Joseph Tri-Scale Compact Folding Digital Scale: This scale is as much a life saver as it is a space saver. It offers tripod stability for effortless weighing, but also folds up for easy storage so you don’t take have to use up valuable counter space with it.


Kalorik Lime Green iSense Food Scale: The lime green color will definitely brighten up your kitchen. But it’s the LCD backlight, the 1.5-quart capacity and ease of use that will really stand out.


KitchenWorthy Pink Kitchen Scale: Pretty in pink should be the name for this scale which features easy-to-read dials, a 32-ounce capacity and a retro style. It definitely puts the fun in functional.


American Weigh Bamboo Digital Kitchen Scale: The eco-friendly bamboo not only blends well with your kitchen, but features measurements in a variety of units. It’s easy to clean and has an easy-to-read LCD backlight display.


Soehnle 65055 Model Digital Kitchen Scale: The sleek design of this scale is definitely eye-catching, and its ability to convert from grams to ounces with a simple press of a switch is genius.


Whynter Digital Glass Wall Mount Kitchen Scale: It’s a scale, a clock and an alarm. It also mounts to the wall freeing up your counter for other appliances so you can weigh what you want when you want and then use it as a clock when finished.

Digital+Glass+Wall+Mount+Kitchen+ScaleEscali Penduline Wall Mountable Scale: Not only does this scale mount to your wall, but it also measures in cups and tablespoons. The weighing platform easily folds away and the scale can also double as a kitchen clock.

Penduline+Wall+Mountable+ScaleOmada Trendy Digital Scale: This dishwasher-safe scale comes in five vibrant colors and can weigh measurements in ounces, kilograms, milliliters and pounds. The weighing container also comes off for quick and easy cleaning.

Omada-Trendy-Digital-ScaleEscali Primo Digital Scale: Don’t let the soft pink color fool you with this scale. It can weigh up to 11 pounds of food and measure it in ounces, pounds or grams.

Primo+Digital+Scale+in+Soft+PinkSalter Mechanical Aqua-Weigh Scale: You don’t have to worry about weighing and measuring liquids since this neat little scale has a pour spout and a rubber handle, so slipping is not an issue. And the red and white color is stylish and sophisticated.


Retro Novo Scale: This sturdy scale is perfect for measuring smaller amounts up to five pounds. Its stainless steel bowl makes cleaning it up super easy.

retro-novo-scalePolder 11-lb. Stainless-Steel Kitchen Scale: The removable, stainless-steel bowl is convenient for food placement as well as clean-up. Plus, the easy-to-read larger-size numbers take the guesswork out of your measurements.


613DpGICSUL._SL1500_Fox Run Brands Metal Kitchen Scale: The bright red color is not the only thing impressive on this scale. It also has a removable metal tray, an easy-to-read dial and can measure in pounds, ounces or grams.


If you're looking for a different way to manage your diet, you may want to look into one of these food scales to get a better idea of how much food you eat. If anything, it will open your eyes in giving you a better idea on how much a serving size weighs and looks like. This can make it much easier when you dine out or attend a function where weighing food is not an option. Aside from that, getting the precise measurements to make healthy and delicious recipes will guarantee success in the kitchen!