15 Foods to Help Curb Your Appetite

Your appetite seems to be ruining your diet, right? You crave chocolate, potato chips and anything else that, of course, isn't healthy. Then, when you do eat a healthy meal it seems like only an hour or two later passes and you're hungry again! The fact of the matter may just be that as hard as you're trying to eat healthy, you still aren't eating the foods that can fill you up. Try adding a few of these foods to your diet to help suppress your appetite!

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Avocados: Botanically speaking, avocados are fruits filled with monounsaturated fats. It takes a while for your body to digest them, which gives you that full feeling. It's also a great source of fiber, another way to slow down your digestion and keep you fuller, longer. (via Fox News)

Flax: Add a tablespoon of ground-up flaxseed to your smoothie or yogurt to curb your appetite. A study showed that when people were given about a tablespoon of flaxseed they reported being fuller and ate less at their next meal! (via Fox News)

Greek yogurt: The thickness of the yogurt will trick your stomach into thinking it's fuller than it actually is! You can add fruit for a healthy snack or use it as a substitute for sour creams in dips. (via Fox News)

Water: When your mid-afternoon craving for a quick snack hits, try drinking a glass of water first. It's easy to mistake thirst for hunger. Make sure that you're drinking water throughout the day and staying hydrated. It will help you to resist that chocolate craving! (via Fox News)

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Legumes: They are complex carbs that help to slow down your digestion because they're harder to digest, much like fiber. Legumes include beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas. Put them in your soup, chili, salad or stew. (via Fox News)

Soup: Studies have found that if you eat soup you'll feel fuller than eating a casserole with the exact same ingredients! The water in the broth helps to fill you up faster. Also, if you load it up with chunky veggies it makes you chew more, which will trick your body into feeling fuller for longer. (via Fox News)

Cottage cheese: It's lower in fat and has tons of good protein! It's a healthy food choice and with the added help of casein, it will suppress your appetite. (via Fox News)

Almonds: Before you start to get really hungry, chew on a few almonds. They are a great source of healthy fats and in about a half hour you'll start to feel less hungry. Just be sure not to eat too many. (via Fox News)

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Oatmeal: The reason oatmeal is thick is because it's filled with fiber. A particular fiber — beta-glucans — makes the oatmeal travel slower down your digestive tract. This is what allows your body to feel full and curbs your appetite! (via Fox News)

Meat: High in protein and fat content makes it harder for your body to digest. The longer it takes your body to digest the fuller you'll feel for a longer amount of time. It also takes more time to chew meat, which gives your stomach time to realize it's full. (via Fox News)

Spices: They don't just increase your metabolism but can keep your hunger at bay for awhile. Just add a bit of cayenne pepper to your tomato soup next time! (via Women's Health)

Apples: Apples are great sources of fiber to keep you full, and they have a high water content to fill your belly up! An added bonus is that apples have pectin which helps to avoid those blood sugar spikes that make you hungry again.  (via Women's Health)

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Mint: Drink a cup of mint tea or light a mint candle to curb your appetite. It can also calm you down if you start to feel stressed. (via Women's Health)


Leafy Greens: The combination of a high water content and plenty of fiber makes leafy greens the perfect way to fill up your stomach and stop those cravings for unhealthy snacks! (via Pop Sugar)

Eggs: Control your appetite for up to 36 hours with an omelette or some scrambled eggs. All the protein in eggs fills your stomach up, allowing you to eat less and choose healthier foods. (via Pop Sugar)