Sam Hunt and His Wife Aren't Divorcing After All

Sam Hunt and Hannah Lee Fowler are giving their relationship another go. TMZ reported in early May that the pair called off their split after Fowler filed for divorce earlier this year. On the heels of this news, it has also been reported that the pair have welcomed their first child together. 

According to the TMZ, Fowler asked the court in April to dismiss the divorce case with a judge signing off on her request. On top of this update, Hunt was seen wearing his wedding ring during a performance that took place in late April, around the time that Fowler requested to have their divorce case dismissed. TMZ noted that he was not wearing his wedding ring at a performance that took place weeks before in mid-March. Additionally, Hunt and Fowler have been seen together walking their dog in Franklin, Tennessee. 

Since it was reported that they reconciled, Hunt and Fowler have even more positive news to share. In early June, Hunt revealed during a performance at the Stars for Second Harvest charity concert at Nashville's Ryman Auditorium that he and Fowler welcomed a baby girl. He said, per Billboard, "I think being out here, and in the music business and being out on the road, has sort of hardened my heart. My heart's definitely a lot harder in a lotta ways since I left that small town. It's amazing how that little girl melted that all away overnight a couple of weeks ago." They have not shared any further details about their bundle of joy. 

In February, it was reported that Fowler filed for divorce from Hunt. At the time, she alleged that Hunt was "guilty of inappropriate marital conduct" and "adultery." Amidst her divorce filing, it was revealed that Fowler was pregnant with the pair's first child. She asked for primary custody of their future child and alimony. Fowler later withdrew the petition, but it was only because it was filed in the wrong county. She later refiled in a different county in Tennessee. Interestingly enough, in her petition, Fowler addressed whether there were any hopes for reconciliation. It didn't seem to be in the cards for them at the time, as she stated that "all hopes of reconciliation are exhausted." However, it appears as though they're giving their relationship another shot. 

In late March, Hunt spoke about becoming a father and revealed the gender of their baby in the process. During an appearance on County Countdown USA, he said, "I haven't talked about this, but I have a little girl on the way." The country singer added about becoming a father, "I blocked out two months at the end of May and early June. Really this year revolves around that big news in my life." Hunt also said that he and Fowler were waiting to see their little one before deciding on a name, saying, "We're thinking about it. I want her to be in the world before we name her. I want to be able to look at her and decide what name suits her best."