Katherine Williams-Dunning's Beach Photo Less Than a Month Before Her Death Is a Loving Portrait of Her Family

Fans heartbroken by the death of Katherine Williams-Dunning are taking solace in one of the most loving snapshots of her family ever taken. Just a few short weeks ago, Williams-Dunning posted a photo of herself, her husband Tyler J. Dunning and their two young kids on Instagram. To many it is now serving as the last portrait of the family together.

Katherine Williams-Dunning — daughter of Hank Williams Jr. — passed away on Saturday night in a car crash in Tennessee. A dedicated mom and a small business owner, she had a big following on Instagram where she posted snapshots of her life with two young kids. One of the latest was taken on Seacrest Beach in Walton County, Florida, which shows Williams-Dunning, her husband and their 5-year-old Beau Weston ankle-deep in clear water, while 2-year-old Audrey Jane laughs in her mother's arms. It included some heartfelt musings on parenthood from 27-year-old Williams-Dunning.

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"These days are wild with a 2 and 5 year old! In January this year, I decided to be more present and be more peaceful in all aspects of life," she wrote. "These kids will not pose for a picture but as long as they are having fun and feeling loved by mom [and] dad, surely we are halfway doing this parenting thing right!"

While fans are flocking to this post to leave their thoughts and prayers in the comment section, others are sharing their own tributes to Williams-Dunning elsewhere. Family friend Carrie Cantrell often took portraits of Williams-Dunning and her kids and shared some of the highlights Sunday morning alongside a carousel, featuring some of Williams-Dunning's sweet family moments.


"This beautiful soul lost her life in a tragic accident last night," she wrote. "And her husband was severely injured as well. She was full of life, had such a positive outlook on life, was always smiling, a live life to the fullest kind of girl. But most importantly she was a wife, daughter, mother, rockin’ boss babe/hustler and child of God. My heart hurts for her husband, children and all of their family and friends. Please keep them all in your prayers."

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Williams-Dunning was driving a Chevrolet Tahoe towing a boat down U.S. Highway 79 on Saturday evening when she crashed, according to a report by Country Now. She crossed the median and rolled into oncoming traffic, crossing four lanes without colliding with other cars. The vehicle wound up in the opposite shoulder. Williams-Dunning was pronounced dead due to injuries sustained in the crash, while her husband was air-lifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. His condition remains unclear though her sister, Holly Williams offered an update, writing "He is awake and responding, [but] don't know injury extent yet."