Carrie Underwood Shows off Fresh New Hair Transformation After Not Doing 'Anything' for 6 Months

Following months of quarantine and reopenings now taking place most cautiously around the country, Carrie Underwood treated herself to a style refresher on Friday night, taking to the salon for a rousing new hair transformation. Posted to her Instagram Stories, the 37-year-old posted two snapshots of her before and after — one covered in hair foils, the other showing off her new, sweet look.

"It's been 6 months since I've done anything to my hair," Underwood captioned the first photo of herself, seen sporting a face mask to ensure social distancing guidelines amid the ongoing pandemic. In the next snap, the mother-of-two, still wearing her face mask, gives major props to stylists, Marissa Martin and Melissa Schleich of Parlour 3 Beauty of Brentwood, Tennessee, for making her "feel pretty." Sporting lighter locks and highlights, Underwood stares into the camera with a somewhat smize.

(Photo: Carrie Underwood / @carrieunderwood)

The country megastar has been making the most of quarantine life with her family, exercising, fishing, cooking and spending time with the two sons she shares with her husband, Mike Fisher. During the second month of lockdown before reopenings across the state, Underwood shared a photo of her husband giving their eldest Isaiah a haircut. In the caption, the doting mom wrote, "Back yard cuts with [Mike Fisher]," which was subsequently followed by another Instagram Story that read, "I'm next" alongside a cutting hair emoji. This was also accompanied by another Story, that read "just kidding" abbreviated as "JK."

Underwood, like many across the country, are taking precautions and steering clear of interaction following the global pandemic that is COVID-19 with public health measures being mandated in an effort to slow the outbreak's severity and help save lives. She, along with Fisher have been chronicling their quarantine life with the former NHL star even posting photos from his fishing trip, while practicing guidelines.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak precautions prompting thousands of cancellations, closings and postponements across the U.S., Underwood is making the most of her "social distancing" by beasting it up at home. In an Instagram Story shared with her social media, the American Idol alum posted a selfie while all smiles and bare-faced as she lay on the floor of her gym after a sweaty workout. Sporting a tank top from her CALIA collection, Underwood captioned the image: "Everything everywhere is closed/cancelled (sic). Might as well work out!"


While the "Love Wins" singer and songwriter has been cooped up indoors during her practice of social distancing, many fans have been spending their time reading her debut book, Find Your Path: Fuel Your Soul, and Get Strong With the Fit52 Life now, a New York Times best-seller, along with getting active thanks to her app, fit52.