Carrie Underwood's Husband Mike Fisher Shows off Major Fishing Catch Amid Coronavirus Shutdowns

COVID-19 concerns have resulted in citizens around the world being told that it's best to stay at home in self-quarantine. "Social distancing" is recommended as a way to avoid getting others sick, but getting out in nature is still listed as an option for keeping active. Former Nashville Predators star Mike Fisher recently showed that he is taking full advantage of the outdoors with a fishing photo.

Fisher recently posted a photo of himself on his Instagram Story. He was standing on a boat in the middle of a body of water and holding up a massive fish that he had caught. "Fish aren't cancelled [thumbs up emoji]," he wrote in the caption of the photo. Staying away from other people may be recommended by the CDC, but Fisher is still taking part in his hobbies that won't put himself or others at risk.

(Photo: @mfisher1212 )

The former NHL star is an avid outdoorsman, which he has proven with the clothing brand that he created with his younger brother Gregory. Catchin' Deers, which is focused on providing humorous attire for hunters and fishers alike, was created in 2016 and has since grown exponentially in both the United States and Canada.

"We knew we were onto something, you know 'cause every hunter has heard that before," Fisher said about the Catchin' Deers name, per AG Daily. "So then we locked down Instagram, social media, and a website and we just started selling hats, and then we put out a funny video that people seemed to love, and it kinda took off. We knew we were definitely starting something that could be pretty cool and pretty fun."

As Fisher's Instagram has shown throughout the years, he is dedicated to the outdoors and having fun. His fishing photo is just another example and proves that he is still getting out during this time of self-quarantine.


Fisher has also been considerably busy striving to keep up with his wife, Carrie Underwood. The country star has been posting about her workout schedule on Instagram in order to provide motivation to others. She is doing so with the Fit52 fitness app that she created with trainer Eve Overland and has been putting Fisher through the various workouts, which have been documented with photos showing him worn out and lying on the ground. Although Underwood did also clarify that Fisher is also keeping her accountable on her fitness journey.

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