Blake Shelton Reportedly Fighting With Gwen Stefani Over Her Latest 'Obsession' But Here's What to Know

Blake Shelton is allegedly angry with Gwen Stefani because of her new "obsession" with plastic surgery. This is part of a long-running National Enquirer storyline about Stefani supposedly being addicted to getting work done on her face. The idea that there is any tension between Stefani and Shelton, who will be coaches on the upcoming season of The Voice together, is false.

A recent National Enquirer story claims Stefani's friends are worried because of her Botox use. "It's no secret she's been obsessed with Botox and filler for years-but she's really gone overboard now... She can't even move her face and her smile looks distorted because of all the filler," a source claimed. The story also alleged that Shelton has been "fighting" with Stefani and trying to get her to stop.

This story isn't true, according to Gossip Cop. While Stefani may have had some work done, it isn't nearly enough to leave the "Hollaback Girl" singer unrecognizable. The idea that she "can't even move her face" is also preposterous, as she doesn't seem to have any issues in the new Voice promo NBC released last week.

Gossip Cop also debunked a previous National Enquirer story from July that claimed Shelton was "begging" Stefani to stop plastic surgery. "It's turning him off and he doesn't want her becoming that Catwoman Jocelyn Wildenstein," the source said. The tipster added that Shelton is "really bothered by it." The tabloid also quoted an alleged doctor who has not treated Stefani. "She may have had a number of procedures, including a brow lift, lip filler injections, filler injections to her cheeks, and Botox injections into her forehead," the doctor said.

Shelton and Stefani started dating in late 2015 after they appeared on The Voice together. They got engaged in October 2020 and married in July 2021. They have recorded several songs together, including "Go Ahead and Break My Heart," "Nobody But You," "Happy Anywhere," and "You Make It Feel Like Christmas."

Stefani is returning to The Voice for Season 22 after a three-year absence. She will join Shelton, John Legend, and first-time coach Camila Cabello for the new season. It is scheduled to debut on NBC on Sept. 19 and is the only cycle of The Voice during the 2022-2023 TV season.