Tom Sizemore's Family Told 'No Further Hope' for 'Saving Private Ryan' Star's Recovery

Tom Sizemore's condition has not improved since his hospitalization in critical condition on Feb. 18. The Saving Private Ryan actor has been in a coma in intensive care after suffering a reported brain aneurysm due to a stroke. The actor's manager Charles Lago released new information in a statement to Deadline.

"Today, doctors informed his family that there is no further hope and have recommended end of life decision," Lago said in a statement. "The family is now deciding end of life matters and a further statement will be issued on Wednesday."

Lago thanked fans and supporters for their prayers toward the actor and asked for privacy as the family works through the situation. Sizemore was rushed to the hospital around 2 a.m. after suffering the aneurysm.

"He was found to be suffering from a brain aneurism that occurred as a result of a stroke," the statement added. "Since that day, Tom has remained in critical condition, in a coma and in intensive care."

Sizemore career has featured a slew of memorable roles apart from his role in the World War II epic. Throughout the late '80s through the 2000s, Sizemore could always pop up in any number of great movies.

He's an undercover cop in Point Break, a sleazy detective in True Romance, a ruthless bank robber in Heat and countless other roles. His latest film recently had its first public screening, with the folks behind it offering kind words toward the actor.

"The producers, cast, and crew of his latest movie, Impuratus, are devastated by this news and send heartfelt prayers to Tom and his family," producer Guy Quigley said. "All of us are looking forward to celebrating Tom at The County Theater in Doylestown on Sunday, Feb. 26, for the indie film's first public screening."

While Sizemore has had plenty of personal struggles in his life, there is no indication that substance abuse played a direct role in Sizemore's hospitalization.