Tom Sizemore Hospitalized, Condition Is Critical

Actor Tom Sizemore is reportedly in the hospital in critical condition on Sunday after suffering a brain aneurysm. Sizemore's professional spokesperson Charles Lago told reporters from CNN that Sizemore is in a "wait-and-see situation." He said that there is no more information available right now and that Sizemore's family is now waiting to receive the next update.

"His family is aware and waiting for updates. There is no further update at this time," Lago said. Sizemore is 61 years old and is best known for his movie roles in the late 1990s and early 2000s. He is also known for some high-profile struggles with drug addiction and legal battles around that time. Years later, Sizemore would open up about those trials frankly and even participate in Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. He was praised for helping to raise public awareness about addiction and the horrors that could result.

Sizemore was born in Detroit, Michigan in the November of 1961 and made his first film appearance in 1989. He acquired some high-profile credits quickly and worked a lot in the first few years of his career. Some of his first movies included Lock Up, Rude Awakening, Pen & Teller Get Killed, Born on the Fourth of July, A Matter of Degrees and Blue Steel. He appeared on one episode each of the TV shows Gideon Oliver and Against the Law and had a six-episode role on China Beach – all within the first his first two years in Hollywood.

Sizemore is probably best known today for playing Sergeant Mike Horvath in Saving Private Ryan in 1998, and for playing Michael Cheritto in Heat in 1995. He was also lauded for playing McKnight in Black Hawk Down in 2001. He continued working consistently in the years that came, but at the same time, he made headlines for troubles in his personal life.

Sizemore married actress Maeve Quinlan in 1996 and divorced her in 1999, and their separation was attributed in part to Sizemore's drug addiction problems. In 2010 Sizemore appeared on Celebrity Rehab and shed new light on his personal experience with addiction, surprising many fans with his transparency. Sizemore was convicted of domestic violence in 2003 against his girlfriend Heidi Fleiss. In the years that followed, he and Fleiss would appear together on talk shows and reality shows to discuss their issues. Sizemore's legal and health issues to did not stop altogether after that – in 2019 he was arrested for misdemeanor drug possession in Burbank, California.

Sizemore's most recent TV appearance came in the new season of Cobra Kai on Netflix. At the time of this writing, his condition is still unclear.