Tom Sizemore, in Critical Condition, to Be Celebrated at Premiere of His Latest Movie

Tom Sizemore is receiving a tribute from the cast of his latest film. Following the actor suffering a brain aneurysm on Feb. 18, he is currently in intensive care and is in critical condition. "The producers, cast, and crew of his latest movie, Impuratus, are devastated by this news and send heartfelt prayers to Tom and his family," said Doylestown, PA, film producer Guy Quigley in an official press release. "All of us are looking forward to celebrating Tom at The County Theater in Doylestown on Sunday, Feb. 26, for the indie film's first public screening," Quigley said. Recently, Sizemore went to Philadelphia and its surrounding areas to shoot Impuratus, a creepy possession movie about a police detective, Clayton Douglas (Tom Sizemore), who is forced to accept the supernatural after seeing a mysterious Civil War veteran's outrageous deathbed confession (Jody Quigley) at a remote mental hospital.

Sizemore said he had many reasons for coming to Philadelphia during the winter to film Impuratus this year. "I enjoyed the script. It was a terrific leading part," he explained. "This movie had a lot of qualities I like when I'm trying to find a new project. It was a period piece which was interesting, and I really liked the people that were involved." Having seen an early cut of the film, Sizemore was pleased with it. "I was blown away. The quality was astounding, the acting (including mine, of course)," he joked, "but seriously, everyone was outstanding, and the photography superb. I can't wait to see the final version with the music all in." In his role as Daniel Glassman, Quigley enjoyed getting to know Sizemore during the film's production. "Tom is a down-to-earth guy. He doesn't have that Hollywood attitude. He came to set prepared and was happy to throw in his two cents on how to make a scene better," said Quigley. "So, he brought his acting chops to the table, and he delivered. It was a great experience working with him."

Michael Yurinko, the film's screenwriter-director, called Sizemore "one of our finer actors working right now. He really is a very unassuming, very giving person," Yurinko added. "Tom has very little ego; he's just an all-around nice guy." In the early days of filming, the director thought Sizemore needed "pump up his energy a bit," but after watching the footage, he could see the "true cinematic magic. "Tom had that character nailed. He knew exactly what to do with that character. And it was just quite easy editing that performance together. He's a smart guy whose oozing talent, and he just played that role perfectly," says Yurinko. "As soon as he came in with the wardrobe, the hat, and everything else, it was like, he's going to come around the corner, and it will be perfect."