'Today': Savannah Guthrie Reveals What She's Giving up for Lent

Today Show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie shared what she plans on giving up for Lent. Guthrie will not be using Instagram, starting on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 22. Lent is the 40-day period observed by Christians leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. It ends on Thursday, April 6, three days before Easter Sunday.

"I'm giving up Instagram for lent," Guthrie wrote on Feb. 15. "I'm not Catholic, and I've never given up anything for lent before. I'm doing it to challenge myself: to be more reflective, to not just reflexively scroll Instagram and instead use that time for something more productive and life-giving to myself and others. I'm telling you this so that I will have accountability!! And maybe you would like to join me?? See you back here after Easter!"

Guthrie's fans still might see updates on Instagram though. Work-related posts will be published by her assistant. Her assistant later updated the post to note that Guthrie's "Instagram fast" started immediately. She is also not the only Today Show star to give up Instagram for Lent, as Jenna Bush Hager commented on Guthrie's post that she is as well.

Guthrie's followers praised her decision, with some sharing that they have also given up social media for Lent in the past. "I am Catholic and I give up social media every lent. It is soooooo freeing, great for mental health," one person wrote. "I've done it before and you just gave me the incentive to do it again. Both IG and FB! Will give up sweets as well," another commented.

Earlier this week, Guthrie attended the Michael Kors fashion show in New York City. Her assistant posted a photo of Guthrie from the event. Entertainment Tonight caught up with the NBC News journalist and asked about the matching friendship tattoo she got with Drew Barrymore

On Jan. 31, Guthrie revealed that she got a tattoo reading "all my love" in her father's handwriting. It was Guthrie's first – and likely only – tattoo. "I don't think so. I feel like I'm one and done," she told ET. "But I have heard that tattoos are addictive. I don't regret it. I'm so glad I did it. I really love it, but I think that's it for me."

Guthrie's mother was "shocked" when she learned about the tattoo. "She couldn't believe it and I forgot to tell her," Guthrie explained. "She didn't even know I was thinking of it and then I showed it on the show and she sent me a text. She was like, 'Oh, get that recipe for me. OMG, you got a tattoo!' She was, like, live watching the show and it all unfolded before her eyes."