'Today' Anchor Savannah Guthrie Reveals Short New Hairstyle: 'Chopped'

Today Show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie will look a little different to viewers this week after she got a new haircut. On Monday, Guthrie shared behind-the-scenes Instagram Story posts, detailing Today hairstylist Kelly O'Neill's process of cleaning up her hairdo. It looks like Guthrie will enjoy this new look more than some others she wanted to forget.

Guthrie posted a photo of her hair on the ground, slowly revealing the strands piling up, reports PEOPLE. She then shared a clip of the shorter look, adding the caption "CHOPPED." She ended the hair journey with a selfie alongside O'Neill that showed off the chin-length bob, parted in the middle.

The NBC News broadcast journalist, 51, has gone through several different hairstyles during her 11 years at the Today Show. When she celebrated her 10th anniversary in June 2021, she confirmed there were some hairstyles she never wishes to revisit. "No, mostly it's like, 'Never try that again.' Mostly it's like, 'What was I thinking?'" Guthrie joked with co-host Dylan Dreyer.

Her least favorite hair phase was in 2013 when she died her hair red. "I don't know why I thought I needed to dye my hair red that one time," she said. "I just went out one day and dyed it red one day and came in [to the show] the next day and all the bosses were like 'Oh, looks good.'" Guthrie recreated her bosses' nervous smiles, so they knew it was a bad idea, too.

The red hair experience did not completely dissuade Guthrie from ever trying out new hair colors. In September 2021, O'Neill dyed part of Guthrie's hair pink for a weekend. "Can the anchor of TODAY have pink hair? Asking for a friend," Guthrie wrote.

Late last month, Guthrie made another change. She got a matching tattoo with Drew Barrymore that reads, "all my love," on her right forearm. "This is an exact carbon copy of my father's handwriting," Guthrie said as she showed off the tattoo on the Jan. 31 Today Show episode. "'All my love.' He wrote a love letter to my mom and this is his writing. And, so that's the first time in my life, I'm 51 years old, that I've had a tattoo, that I ever wanted a tattoo. And it's not only his writing, so he's with me, but I'm trying to make it my mantra for life."

This was Guthrie's first tattoo and she never told anyone about it before showing it off on Today. "I've never had a tattoo," she said. "I know, it's really scary. I can't believe I'm doing it. I mean, I haven't told anyone."