'The View' Host Joy Behar Says 'Fascism Has Come to America' as Donald Trump Visits St. John's Church

Joy Behar shares a similar sentiment as many other celebrities and those with a platform in the wake of President Donald Trump's latest announcement. On Monday, Trump took to the podium to reveal his military deployment plans.

Seeing Trump's latest call to action set off The View host. Behar quickly took to Twitter, where she expressed that "fascism" has turned its head in the country. "Fascism has come to America," Behar's tweet began. She then went into the scene that unfolded just after his press conference, where Trump walked down to St. John's Episcopal Church and oddly held a bible in front of the building that was recently struck during a riot. She noted how he "is actually holding a bible while guns are loaded" and that proceeded to wrap up her post by saying, "goodnight America."

Before this tweet, Behar voiced her frustrations over the peaceful protests being disrupted by the police, such as what happened in Washington D.C. just before Trump's press conference. She wrote that peaceful gatherings are being interrupted by "Trump's mounted police."

Behar joins the likes of CNN's Don Lemon and actor Kevin Hart, both of whom responded shortly after Trump's announcement. In regards to Lemon, he feels that the country is on the brink of a dictatorship and urged everyone to open their eyes to all that is going on. As for Hart, he has been vocal throughout the protests, most recently asking for justice in the George Floyd incident and wondering what exactly is going on with the national guard being called upon and curfews being instituted across the country.

The protests that have swept through America in many of its major cities like Los Angeles and New York City were sparked by the death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. The cop in question, Derek Chauvin, was later charged with third-degree murder, even being placed on suicide watch over the weekend. Many of the protests have remained on the mild side, such as the scene that unfolded in New Jersey where officers and those in power walked alongside protesters. Other incidents, though, have made a wrong turn, leading to some scenes of chaos such as a tanker slamming into protesters in Minneapolis and tear gas being deployed on D.C. marchers just minutes before Trump's press conference.