Kevin Hart Reacts to National Guards Being Brought in to Stop Protests: 'How About Justice?'

Kevin Hart is just trying to get a grasp on everything that has transpired over the last week, particularly after the latest actions taken by President Donald Trump. On Monday, Trump revealed at a press conference that he would be employing the military to enforce law and order to combat the riots and looting that have ensued over the past couple of days.

Seeing his latest action, Hart took to Twitter like many others to express his thoughts on all that has gone down in the wake George Floyd's death. Hart said he has been actively watching the decisions being made during the riots, but seeing the national guard called in and curfews being enacted has set Hart off. The actor posed a question in his tweet, asking, "How about arresting the other officers that were involved in the death of George Floyd?" This comes after Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin, who was the one restraining Floyd and had his knee on his neck, was charged with third-degree murder, but the other cops involved have yet to receive anything. Hart finished his tweet by asking for justice.

He followed up his post by writing another shorter message, "This s— is mind blowing...." Hart has been active in expressing his voice during the protests. In an Instagram post, he shared a message by California governor, Gavin Newsom, calling the speech "powerful" and urging others in power to "follow this lead." He wrote that it's essential to "take accountability and be a part of the change."

Hart isn't the only celebrity to share his thoughts on all that has transpired. Fellow actor and comedian Chris Rock posted a tweet that was also shared by Hart on his feed. Rock wrote that "we fight for justice and #saytheirnames."

Across the country, protests have unfolded, many of which have been peaceful marches, such as in New Jersey where officers and those in power even joined in on the event. Others, though, have become much more violent, even in Washington D.C. just minutes before Trump's address where peaceful protesters were met with tear gas.