CNN's Don Lemon Says US is 'Teetering on a Dictatorship' After Donald Trump Reveals Military Deployment Plans

CNN journalist Don Lemon is not enthusiastic over the latest move by President Donald Trump in the [...]

CNN journalist Don Lemon is not enthusiastic over the latest move by President Donald Trump in the wake of the protests and riots that have swept across the nation. On Monday, Trump announced his plans for military deployment across the country to combat protesters, a decision that Lemon said has America "teetering on a dictatorship" in his coverage following Trump's message.

Shortly after Trump's press conference at the Rose Garden, Lemon said that the scene that unfolded just before his address which saw law enforcement hit protesters with stun grenades and tear gas in Washington D.C. was a "made for T.V. moment." He said to think otherwise is to be pretending, "open your eyes America... we are teetering on a dictatorship. This is chaos." He then asked if the President has declared war on his citizens by sending law enforcement into the streets to force "peaceful protesters back." Lemon said what Trump is doing is playing a "very dangerous game" because there are a lot of "upset and angry" people on the streets. He added that he does not condone the violence that has gone on, either.

Lemon said he hopes people stand up "fight for their rights to peacefully protest." He ultimately surmised that this will "backfire" on him. "Now the entire country... we are living under a militarized country or we will be soon and it will play in front of our very own eyes," Lemon finished his rant.

During his announcement on Monday evening, Trump said that he is calling in all available federal resources to "stop the rioting and looting, to end the destruction and arson." He also rationalized the move by saying it's to protect the civilians' Second Amendment. This move will be in effect until the violence is "quelled." He added that any state governor that refuses to take the action upon themselves will be met with his own overruling as Trump will send in the military on his own to each state.

The protests and ensuing riots that have carried out over the past week were triggered by the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Floyd was seen in a video being restrained by an officer with a knee on his neck. He later died after the incident and the cop, Derek Chauvin, was later charged with third degree murder.