Sofia Richie's Reported Reaction to Scott Disick's Rehab Stint Revealed

Those familiar with the Kardashian family will know the stress both Kourtney Kardashian and former boyfriend Scott Disick went through as a result of Disick's constant battle with alcohol over the years. But now that he's in a new relationship with Sofia Richie, and has seemed to be in a much better place, it appears that Richie is finding herself in Kardashians old shoes after Disick's recent rehab visit. However, despite her reportedly being seriously concerned over his health, they are "still very much together."

"They have been through a lot together and Sofia has seen Scott go through very rough patches with his mental state over the years," a source explained to E! News. "She was very proud of him when he agreed to get help and expressed that she would be there for him through every step of the way." The insider went on to detail how she's been "very protective" over her boyfriend and that she's constantly "making sure Scott is OK."

"They have a solid relationship and Sofia wouldn't walk away from him when he is in a vulnerable state like this," they added. In fact, Richie leaned on Disick's ex-girlfriend for help after she noticed changes in his behavior. "Kourtney was very upset, and knew something was up by his unresponsiveness to matters and convos that pertained to the kids," a separate source revealed to the outlet. "She had been through this before many times, and put a halt to it immediately. She ultimately gave him an ultimatum, and he had no choice but to seek help."

However, after such private information was leaked to the public, Disick checked himself out of All Points North Lodge in Colorado after just one week inside. He knows he needs help, but is allegedly questioning if he can trust another facility. "Scott realizes that he needs help in a rehab setting but he just isn't sure how to go about it," one source explained. "He feels so betrayed and badly burned by what happened. It was a complete violation of his privacy and he is tentative about trusting another rehab. He is beyond disappointed and upset about it."

It was reported that Disick left the facility threatening a lawsuit, and since then, the President and CEO of APN Lodge, Noah Nordheimer, has issued a statement. "My team and I are aware of the information publicized on May 4, 2020, by the Daily Mail and other media sources regarding All Points North (APN) Lodge, the protection of our clients' personal and confidential information is of the utmost importance to us," he said according to Us Weekly. "It is APN's strict policy to not publicly disclose patient-specific information, including whether or not a particular client is or was being treated at our facility, or has inquired about our. If it were determined that any information relating to any client was ever obtained from APN facilities and provided to a media outlet, APN will take legal action available against that individual, including cooperating with law enforcement and other governmental authorities."