Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Reveals ‘Really Scary Morning’ Amid Hospitalization, 2 Blood Transfusions

Chrissy Teigen is continuing to update her followers on her pregnancy after being hospitalized for [...]

Chrissy Teigen is continuing to update her followers on her pregnancy after being hospitalized for excessive bleeding. The Cravings author shared on social media Sunday that after weeks of "super serious" bed rest while pregnant with her third child, she was taken to the hospital for treatment, and Tuesday revealed she had been given two blood transfusions amid a "really scary morning."

"About to have my second blood transfusion which truly truly truly sounds more dramatic than it is," Teigen, who also shares daughter Luna, 4, and son Miles, 2, with John Legend wrote on Instagram. "It's an IV, but instead of fluids, the blood of some kind human being out there. Baby and I are completely fine, just missing the little things like with the other buttbutts."

Later in the morning, Teigen shared on Twitter she had passed an "almost save-worthy" blood clot, revealing that she was relieved to learn her baby's heart was still beating steadily.

Just after being hospitalized, Teigen explained that her "super weak" placenta was causing her to bleed constantly throughout her pregnancy. About halfway through her pregnancy, the model said "blood has been going for a month...maybe a little less than a month. But we're talking more than your period, girls, but definitely not spotting. A lot of people spot and it's usually fine. Mine was a lot." The morning she was hospitalized, she revealed the flow became like "if you were to turn a faucet onto low and leave it there."

"It's so weird because I feel really good," Teigen continued. "I'm usually at my happiest pregnant, mood-wise. I feel happier than I do not pregnant. That's why it's so hard for me to come to terms with. It was at the point today where it was never stopping bleeding. ...That's obviously very bad." Despite the difficulties facing her, Teigen knows her baby is strong. "I feel really good. The baby is so healthy, growing stronger than Luna or Miles. He moves a lot. He moves so much earlier than they ever did," she told her followers. "He's so different than [Luna and Miles] were. He's strong. I'm so excited for him because he's so wonderful, the strongest little dude. So, I can't wait for him. But basically, he's the strongest coolest dude in the s—iest house. His house is just falling apart. It didn't have a good foundation to begin with."