Madonna Defends New Mature 3D NFT After Criticism

Madonna isn't paying much attention to the criticism surrounding her new NSFW NFT. In a new interview with Beeple creator Mike Winklemann, the iconic popstar defended her body-baring NFT, which features the "Like a Virgin" singer giving birth to butterflies, insects, and trees and also includes a 3D model of her vagina.

Amid the criticism the mature NFT sparked, Madonna sat down with Winklemann to discuss the backlash and the inspiration behind the NFT video, titled "Mother of Creation," explaining that she is "doing what women have been doing since the beginning of time, which is giving birth." She went on to note that "on a more existential level, I'm giving birth to art and creativity and we would be lost without both." Defending the NFT, the mom of six added that she believes it is "really important that a lot of thought and conversation went into creating these videos," later adding, "I say we need a forest with creepy crawly bugs coming out of me. "Not often does a robot centipede crawl out of my vagina."

The singer collaborated with the nonfungible token artist to create the "Mother of Creation" NFT collection, which was debuted Wednesday. In a voiceover that accompanied the debut, Madonna shared, "my journey through life as a woman is like that of a tree. Starting with a small seed, always pushing against the resistance of the Earth. The endless weight of gravity." The collection also includes NFT videos titled "Mother of Technology" and "Mother of Evolution," which feature an up-close display of her vagina giving birth to insects, butterflies, and trees.

As soon as the NFT collection debuted, it immediately sparked criticism online, with one person tweeting, "Madonna's latest NFT. If I saw it, you have to too. NFT should stand for NO FKN TACT." Somebody else dubbed the NFT "f—ing insane," as a third person asked, "why did Madonna have to go and do that to the market."


In a statement on Wednesday, per Independent, Madonna explained that "all works were conceived with a 3D scan" and that she "wanted to investigate the concept of creation, not only the way a child enters the world through a woman's vagina, but also the way an artist gives birth to creativity." Proceeds from the NFT will go to Madonna's three chosen charities – National Bail Out, V-Day and Voices of Children.