Lori Loughlin Robbed by Masked Thieves

Lori Loughlin was the victim of a home robbery earlier this month, according to a new report from TMZ. On Saturday morning, the publication revealed that, on Jan. 3, a group of masked thieves broke into the Los Angeles-area home owned by Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli. Based on security camera footage, the group of men, who wore all black, broke the couple's bedroom window to get inside the house. Once inside, they swiped the Full House actress' jewelry box, which contained pieces valued at $1 million.

The couple's housekeeper discovered the crime scene, and police began investigating shortly thereafter. The actress and her fashion designer husband were not at the residence when the burglary occurred. There's no mention of the pair's daughters, Isabella Rose Giannulli and Olivia Jade, in the report, but they are of adult age — 23 and 22, respectively — so they might no longer live with the family.

The cops' current theory about the suspects is a fairly dramatic one. The culprits are believed to be a group of South American bandits, who, per TMZ, "travel to America, hit locations and then quickly leave the country." No other details on this group were covered by the outlet. 

In response to the startling incident, the Loughlin, 57, hired "around-the-clock" security. Those who work with the actress tell TMZ that the incident has been put in perspective for her in the wake of her Full House and Fuller House co-star Bob Saget's death. Loughlin is apparently focusing more on the fact that everyone ended up safe after the incident and that her family's more important than the assets the thieves made off with.

As fans of the When Calls the Heart star know, this incident comes as the actress has been trying to rebuild her career in the wake of the college bribery scandal. As a result of Operation Varsity Blues, both Loughlin and Giannulli served prison sentences. With that behind them, Loughlin is getting back to acting, with a role on When Hope Calls, a When Call the Heart spinoff that airs on Hallmark Movies Now. She's best known for her role as John Stamos' on-screen love interest, Rebecca Donaldson (a.k.a. Aunt Becky), in Full House and its Netflix sequel series, Fuller House.