Kim Kardashian Reveals the Online Rumors About Her That Are Actually True - and Which One Is False

Kardashian set the record straight in her first interview after the release of Taylor Swift's song "thanK you aIMee."

Kim Kardashian is spilling the truth about some seriously bizarre online rumors about her. The Kardashians star, 43, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday ahead of the American Horror Story: Delicate Part 2 finale, where she confirmed that a lot of the things said about her on the internet are actually true. 

"Obviously people are interested in your life and the things that you do and they write things, sometimes they're true, sometimes they're not," host Jimmy Kimmel said. "I have some things that are kind of interesting I want to run by you and you tell me if they're true or false."

Asked if it's true she blow dries her jewelry before putting it on, Kardashian confirmed it's "very true." She explained, "Because I hate being freezing and when you put on cold jewelry or like anything with a zipper, I just need it warm and then put it on. Or just like a mesh metal dress. Anything that's like a chain mail."

Kimmel then continued, "You have someone take the Starbucks sleeve off your coffee because you hate the sound of cardboard?" which the SKIMS founder confirmed again. "And I hate the feeling," she admitted. "Whoever I'm with, I just can't see it being done or I can't hear it and I can't feel it. Like the cardboard getting moved off the cup is like nails on a chalkboard to me."

The reality personality also confirmed that she sleeps with her eyes "slightly open," telling Kimmel, "There's footage because my sisters have taken videos and pictures." Kardashian also confirmed she washes her feet every night before bed, celebrated her 14th birthday at Neverland Ranch, can change a tire, and had her own workout DVD called Kim Kardashian Fit In Your Jeans By Friday. 

One thing that isn't true is the rumor that she has six toes. "No, but that was a thing. Everyone thought I did," Kardashian noted, referencing fan theories that surfaced from her social media posts

Kardashian's name has been in the news for more than just her feet lately. Fans of Taylor Swift zeroed in on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians alum after the singer released a new song titled "thanK you aIMee," with the capitalization in the title spelling out "KIM." In the song, Swift sings about a bully, which fans have reasoned is a jab at Kardashian amid their longstanding feud

"And maybe you've reframed it / And in your mind, you never beat my spirit black and blue / I don't think you've changed much," Swift sings. "And so I changed your name and any real defining clues / And one day, your kid comes home singin' / A song that only us two is gonna know is about you."